Abortion Protest Tomorrow in Front of Supreme Court Buildings in DC and Every State

WASHINGTON, DC, April 25, 2008 ( - Bound4LIFE, the group known for protesting abortion by wearing red tape over their mouths with the word LIFE written large on the tape, is staging a mass protest in front of every Supreme Court in the nation tomorrow. Since the previous presidential election in 2004, Bound4LIFE has stood in front of the U.S. Supreme Court every day in silent prayer wearing the tape. The group smashes the media-generated image of angry right-wing protestors screaming at anyone and everyone who will listen. Instead, they use silence to "speak louder than words".

"The elections, war and economic disaster weigh heavily on the minds and shoulders of America, but so does our guilt for the senseless sacrifice of innocent children," said Matt Lockett, Executive Director Bound4LIFE International. "Abortion must end. More than anything else America needs to cry out for mercy from God and experience a great awakening."

With both the national moral conscience and the defining issues of the elections in mind Bound4LIFE is mobilizing thousands of like-minded people to peaceably assemble in front of every Supreme Court in the nation at the same time. The group proposes to stand in silent prayer from 9 AM to 4 PM asking God for mercy and the ending of abortion.

  Bound4LIFE International has more than 115 chapters in 48 states and 7 countries.

  More information can be found on the Bound4LIFE website

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