ROCKVILLE, Maryland, September 13, 2011 ( – In a controversial move, Maryland pro-life activists infuriated by the local late-term abortion business of Leroy Carhart protested at the middle school of the daughter of the part owner of the facility, Todd Stave.

A small group of pro-lifers stood outside Robert Frost Middle School in Rockville on Thursday, holding a banner that showed the name of Stave, his photo, his phone number, and the words “Please STOP the Child Killing.”

Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of only a handful of abortionists in America who perform late-term abortions, moved into Germantown Reproductive Health Services in December to dodge a Nebraska law banning abortion after 20 weeks based on the unborn child’s pain. Pro-life activists have repeatedly demonstrated since Carhart’s acceptance in Maryland, where investigators found that the abortionist omitted decades of late-term abortion work on his medical license application.

Defend Life Director Jack Ames said that his group organized the protest at the school because it was a “very good public venue.” The part owner of Germantown Reproductive Health Services, Ames said, should not be allowed to “hide under this cloak of anonymity.”

There were also two protesters holding banner-sized photos of aborted fetuses at both sides of the entrance to the school driveway on Scott Drive on August 29, the first day of school. 

Clinic owner Todd Stave, whose daughter is a sixth-grader at the Rockville school, said he saw the five protesters when he went to the school during Back-to-School Night. There, the school principal made an announcement, telling parents the protests had nothing to do with the school. 

The abortion clinic owner called the protest “horribly outrageous.”

“It is way crossing the line. I very much respect the right of the protesters to do so in front of the clinic, or the steps of Capitol Hill, or the courthouse,” Stave said. “But in front of a middle school is really not an appropriate place to do anything except protest for better teacher wages or the school budget.”

Maryland Coalition for Life also has launched a campaign focusing on the part owner and rented out office space directly across the parking lot from Carhart’s new Germantown abortion clinic, offering resources for women in crisis pregnancies or in need of post-abortion healing.

The coalition’s executive director, Michael Martelli, has said that the organization did not support the protest targeting the school.

Like slain Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller, Carhart is known for performing the gruesome procedure in even the latest stages of pregnancy.

During a 1997 US District Court hearing, Carhart testified that he would sometimes dismember advanced-stage unborn babies while the babies were still alive, and described in detail the process of grasping a baby’s limb and twisting it off. “I know that the fetus is alive during the process most of the time because I can see the fetal heartbeat on the ultrasound,” he answered, when asked about the moment of death.