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Marie Stopes, 1904

LONDON, U.K., November 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Major abortion provider Marie Stopes International recently changed its name in an attempt to distance the organization from its affiliation with a eugenicist and Nazi supporter. The organization now goes by MSI Reproductive Choices.

Stopes wished to eliminate the “vast and ever increasing stock of degenerate, feeble-minded, and unbalanced … ever weakening the human stock.”

She also supported Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, even sending him a book of her poems in 1939. The Second World War began on September 1 of that year.

Simon Cooke, the organization’s chief executive, said that Marie Stopes herself “was also a supporter of the eugenics movement and expressed many opinions which are in stark contrast to MSI’s core values and principles.”

With the new name, the organization also claims it has a new mission, namely to ensure “that by 2030 no abortion will be unsafe and everyone who wants contraception will be able to access it.”

Cooke continued, “Our founders believed that by providing high quality, compassionate and comprehensive contraceptive and abortion care, they could support women’s empowerment, and their vision is just as relevant today as it was in 1976.”

The British pro-life group Right To Life noted that over £340 million pounds of taxpayer’s money had gone to MSI over the last ten years, despite the abortion provider being involved in numerous scandals, including a Care Quality Commission inspection which found “dead foetuses lying in an open bin and staff trying to give a vulnerable, visibly distressed woman an abortion without her consent.”

Right To Life spokesperson Catherine Robinson said, “This change in name is deeply disingenuous. The eugenic abortion of babies with disabilities continues to be perfectly consistent with MSI’s principles, and remains a form of discrimination against those with disabilities, or as Stopes herself called them, the ‘degenerate, feeble-minded, and unbalanced’.”

“A change in name does not change the reality of what Marie Stopes stood for, nor does it change the reality of what MSI Reproductive Choices stands for today,” Robinson added.

In 2019, Marie Stopes International “provided more than 4.6 million safe abortion and post-abortion care services to women and girls who turned to us for support,” according to its annual report. “Around the world today, 32 million women are using contraception provided by us.”

In July, another major abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, had announced it was scrubbing the name of its eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger from its high-volume Manhattan abortion center.