TOKYO, August 16, 2004 ( – The Mainichi Daily News reports that the “trade in aborted fetuses” has “created a lucrative niche in the pregnancy termination market.”  The newspaper describes recent police raids on an abortion center in Yokohama which was accused of dumping aborted fetuses with household garbage, an illegal act since it sidesteps disposal fees for body parts.  Under the Waste Disposal Law, unborn children are classified as “infectious waste” and municipal government fees of $15 (US) per fetus must be paid for their proper disposal.  It is alleged that such costs prompted the Isesaki Abortuary, the subject of the raids, to dump the bodies of its victims illegally.  Apart from municipal waste plants and the abortionists themselves, the paper reports that religious temples also profit from the abortion racket.  The paper notes that Japan has numerous “mizuko” (temples) dedicated to aborted babies and where absolutions are purchased and offerings for prayers are made.

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