LONDON, November 24, 2006 ( – A study by Dr Shusheela Singh on unsafe abortion, due to appear in this week’s edition of the British medical magazine, the Lancet, uses flawed data to promote abortion, says the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC).

Paul Tully, SPUC general secretary, commented: “The author of this story works for one of the most wealthy and politically powerful pro-abortion lobby groups in the world, the Wall Street-based Guttmacher Institute. The “research” was funded by the Hewlett Foundation, a notoriously pro-abortion body.

“Reports of the study claim that Dr Singh found out about the rate of admission to hospital following complications from unsafe abortion. This is not what she did. Dr Singh’s “findings” were not factual data established by research, but guesses extrapolated from estimates.

“The burden of the study is clearly to promote the killing of more unborn babies in poorer countries, regardless of the fact that women do not want abortions.

“Marge Berer (Editor, Reproductive Health Matters), supports Singh’s study, saying: “When legal restrictions on abortion are reduced, the rate of deaths and morbidity decreases greatly.” This is contradicted by hard data from Poland, which imposed new legal restrictions on abortion in the mid 1990s and consequently showed improved maternal and infant health.”

Abortion advocates have for many years been notorious for greatly inflating the numbers of deaths of women from abortion in order to advance their cause.  This has been one of their most successful tactics to build public and political support for their agenda.

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