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OSLO, Norway, October 19, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — European women pregnant with twins living in countries where “selective reduction” abortion is illegal can now travel to Norway to have one of their preborn babies aborted, thanks to a new ruling. 

Earlier this week Norway’s health minister ruled that foreign women pregnant with multiple babies are allowed to reduce them via abortion in Norwegian hospitals, even if the babies are perfectly healthy.

“All women, regardless of whether they are Norwegian or foreign women residing in Norway have the same right to abortion and fetal reduction,”  Torunn Janbu from Norway’s Directorate of Health told NRK, a Norwegian news outlet.

The Ministry of Health gave the ruling after receiving calls from several women from Sweden and Denmark — where “selective reduction” abortion remains illegal — who requested the procedure, reported Dagsavisen

The decision was contrary to the advice of some of the country’s doctors who questioned the “medical benefit” of targeting healthy preborn babies for abortion. 

“We have not found any medical benefit from this,” said Dr. Birgitte Heiberg Kahrs, a specialist in fetal medicine at St Olav's Hospital in Oslo. “On the contrary, it exposes the second child in the womb to danger as the abortion risk increases,” she added.

With the increase of multi-baby pregnancies due to invasive IVF procedures, Norway has placed itself as the go-to-place for European women unable to selectively reduce their preborn children in their own home country.