DENVER, Colorado, February 2, 2012 ( – The star of the film ‘Bella’ encouraged benefactors at a fundraiser for a soon-to-be opened pregnancy center with his conviction that abortion in America will come to an end. 

“I think we will see regeneration — I’m very optimistic— and we will see the end of abortion in this country,” said Eduardo Verastegui to more than 500 people at a sold-out January 26th fundraiser for the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center in Denver, CO.

During his testimony, Verastegui who is Latino, described his frustration a few years ago after encountering 10 abortion clinics within a one mile radius right in the heart of Los Angeles’ Latino population.


The movie star was inspired to open a pro-life medical centre, what he called an “oasis of life” in a “desert of death.” Many people pointed out to him all the difficulties, especially raising the necessary funds, but Verastegui was not deterred. The culture of death is “not afraid to do big things, why are we afraid to do big things?” he asked.

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With the help of the local pro-life community, Guadalupe Medical Center in Los Angeles opened August 15th, 2010. For Verastegui, the most “amazing part” was knowing that when women in a difficult situation enter the centre they “don’t feel alone anymore” because there are “so many volunteers, so many people just hugging them [and saying] ‘we’re your friend and family.’”

Verastegui expressed support for the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center’s goal to become an oasis of life right next to the second largest Planned Parenthood center in the country. “I am just so excited to hear that you are doing the same thing here,” he said, adding that it is “really the best way to really win this culture of death and turn this culture into a culture of life.”

Rosalinda Lozano, executive director of Lighthouse Pregnancy Center told LifeSiteNews that she shares Verastegui’s optimism that a culture of life will bring abortion to an end in America.

“I believe that instead of talking about our so-called rights, we need to start talking about the truth and educating women on their own strengths that have been taken away from them in the past.”

Lozano said that pregnancy centers like Lighthouse exist not to take away women’s rights, but to educate women to recognize the “strength, courage, and intelligence” they possess and to help them recognize that the baby they carry within them is their very own child.

“They have the strength and the intelligence to make the right decision, and that is to give life to their child,” she said.

Lozano believes that she will live to see the day when abortion will be a choice that women will not make because they will be educated in the truth.

Verastegui indicated that he would like to come back to Denver for the grand opening of Lighthouse Pregnancy Center in May on Mother’s Day weekend.

To open their doors by May 13th, Lighthouse Pregnancy Center is still in need of local volunteers and financial support. “We are still in the renovation process,” said Lozano. “Any donations would be most appreciated.” 

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