By James Tillman

WICHITA, KS, December 4, 2009 (—Operation Rescue has confirmed that abortionist LeRoy Cahart will not open a late-term abortion facility to replace the one that closed in Wichita after abortionist George Tiller's death.

“I'm thinking we may not go ahead and develop that down there” Carhart told a source connected with Operation Rescue.  “I think we are just going to stay in Nebraska for now.”

Carhart, who does abortions out of Bellevue, Nebraska, had announced that he would do late-term abortions at the Wichita Women's Health Care Services after Tiller was murdered, but Tiller's family instead decided to close the facility permanently.  Since then Carhart had on different occasions told the media he would open a late-term abortion center in or near Wichita, before eventually being forced to abandon his plans.

“This is a win, win, win situation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It is a win for Operation Rescue's 'Keep it Closed' campaign because it accomplished its goal of keeping Carhart out of Kansas. It is a win for the people of Kansas who are weary of being the national focus of the abortion debate. But most importantly, it is a win for the babies.”

Carhart has begun to use his Bellevue, Nebraska abortion mill to perform some of the late-term abortions Tiller used to receive, some as late as 30 weeks of gestation, according to Operation Rescue.  But his decision to do so has not been free of difficulty; according to the New York Times, several of his employees quit after he said he was expanding his work.  Furthermore, Carhart has said that only ten percent of the post-viability abortions Tiller used to receive have followed him to Nebraska.

“During our efforts in Kansas, there was a 54 percent decrease in post-viability abortions at Tiller's clinic where Carhart worked. Now, out of that remaining 46 percent, Carhart is only doing a small fraction,” said Newman.

“By running Carhart out of Kansas, we have helped put a huge dent in the nation's late-term abortion business. That means babies will have an opportunity at life that they would not have had if Carhart had simply picked up where Tiller left off.”

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