OMAHA, Nebraska, September 9, 2002 ( - Abortionist C.J. Labenz was charged late last week with committing three crimes against pro-life activist Sharon McKee. The charges are reckless driving, theft and disorderly conduct charges.  On Friday June 7, McKee was standing on some grass next to the public pavement at the “Women’s Services” abortuary when the abortionist allegedly drove his car up onto the grass and knocked her to the ground. He then yelled for an ambulance before noticing another activist, John Kelly, 73, holding a video camera. He tried to seize the camera from the elderly man when an off-duty policewoman working as a security guard intervened and restored the camera to Mr. Kelly.  Next, the abortionist tried to walk off with McKee’s protest sign. The policewoman stopped him but the abortionist got away with McKee’s clipboard, telephone, and $350.00 cash hidden behind the clipboard. The police retrieved both from inside the abortuary, but the cash was gone and the phone had been smashed.  To read a press release from Missionaries to the Unborn see:

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