Abortionist Fined $10,000 for Woman’s Death

Mon Jul 6, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

DETROIT, Michigan, July 6, 2009 ( - Abortionist Alberto Hodari has been fined $10,000 by the State of Michigan for the 2003 abortion death of 32-year-old Regina Johnson, one of at least four women who died from complications involving the Michigan abortionist's services.

Johnson died one day after a September 2003 first-trimester abortion performed upon her at Hodari's Womencare clinic in Lathrup Village, MI.  The abortion was performed by Dr. Milton Nathanson, then employed by Hodari.  The woman died from "anoxic encephalopahy due to cardiac arrest."

In addition to Hodari and Nathanson, anesthesiologist Barry Thompson and nurse Cathy Litchig were also implicated in Ms. Johnson's death.

The recently-publicized consent order was issued on March 4, 2009, over five years after Ms. Johnson's death. 

In exchange for the consent agreement, counts of negligence and incompetence against Hodari were dismissed, leaving only the charge found in the complaint that his conduct constituted a "lack of good moral character." 

Hodari paid the fine without contesting the Attorney General's "allegations of fact and law."

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman said the remaining charge was a "gross understatement," and called Hodari a "public menace."

"Now we know what a woman's life is worth in the State of Michigan once she walks into an abortion clinic," said Newman. "This paltry fine has reduced Ms. Johnson's life to that of chattel. Animals are bought and sold for more than this."

Hodari has previously had problems with the law: Citizens for a Pro-Life Society discovered illegally dumped private medical records in open dumpsters behind several of Hodari's Detroit-area abortion clinics. Hodari was charged with 12 counts of illegal record dumping, but another agreement allowed him to plead "no contest" to a single count, for which he remains on probation.

Hodari was never charged in connection with the discovery of bodies of aborted babies illegally dumped in the same trash receptacles. The babies were later given a proper burial.

One of Hodari's former patients came forward in February 2009 to tell of the abortion literally forced upon her by her mother and Dr. Hodari when she was 16 years old. She has since filed a formal complaint against Hodari with the health board in Michigan. 

"$10,0000 seems such a  small penalty to pay for the death of a human being," said Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, which had exposed Hodari's disposal of patient records and human remains.  "To Hodari this is pocket money. 

"Let's also not forget that in addition to Regina 's death - we must also mark the death of her innocent baby. Two human beings were killed - not just one," said Miller. 

"We look forward to the day when Hodari's abortion centers are shut down and when the oppression of the unborn finally comes to an end." 

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