By Peter J. Smith

VIENNA, January 25, 2008 ( – Austrian pro-life demonstrators outside the clinic of Austria’s most notorious abortionist, Dr. Christian Fiala, are now enduring his latest infliction of demonic psychological terror from paid clinic escorts, who have in the past abused and assaulted both physically and sexually the praying peaceful protestors.

Video footage from Gloria TV shows Fiala’s goons trying to intimidate the demonstrators outside his clinic with an intense form of psychoterror and hatred aping the demonic. The video records the clinic escorts swaying side to side, contorting their faces into snarls, howling like wolves, grunting heavily, uttering screams and wailing moans, chanting fiercely, breaking into hyena-like laughs and heaping other such psychological abuse in an unnatural manner for human beings. (CAUTION: FRIGHTENING OR DISTURBING CONTENT

One male Fiala escort growls eerily and incoherently in German to the camera, “Come to my world altogether – come, come here – please my love please – my apartment is home – that’s it, everything clear – here is the apartment – yes come to me in this direction.” He then breaks into screaming gutturally in Spanish, “Terrorista, terrorista, terrorista, terrorista tu, terrorista tu!”

The psychological abuse occurs regularly with the full consent of Fiala, who has two video cameras that monitor the events that occur outside his Gynmed walk-in abortion clinic in the heart of Vienna. Fiala has accused pro-life demonstrators outside his clinics of “psychoterror,” while in fact his paid “escorts” sexually abuse male and female protestors under his supervision. (

Gloria TV also reports that Vienna’s police has tacitly approved the violence against the law-abiding pro-life protesters by refusing consistently to take any action.

The Socialist controlled government in Vienna is also considering legislation to ban all pro-life activists from the public property outside abortion clinics, even if they are only praying silently.

The most notorious and well-known abortionist in Austria, Dr. Christian Fiala has made his life’s work the advancement of abortion in Austria and Europe. He is the chairman of the International Association of Abortion and Contraception Specialists and directs the well-known Gynmed abortion clinics in Vienna and Salzburg. Fiala’s brainchild, the Museum of Abortion and Contraception opened in Vienna in March 2007, and catalogues a history of human effort through the ages devoted to suppressing or destroying the next generation of human life in the womb.


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