Abortionist neglected informed consent in case of statutory rape victim: judge

The Planned Parenthood abortionist broke the law by neglecting to meet with the 14-year-old 24 hours before the abortion to explain her options, said the judge.
Thu Dec 9, 2010 - 6:48 pm EST

CINCINNATI, Ohio, December 9, 2010 ( - A county judge has ruled that an Ohio Planned Parenthood abortionist failed to follow informed consent protocol in the case of a girl who was being statutorily raped by her soccer coach, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported this week.

The ruling was issued prior to the actual trial for the case, which begins February 7.

According to Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Jody Luebbers, the abortionist at Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio broke the law by neglecting to meet with the 14-year-old 24 hours before the abortion to explain her options.

Planned Parenthood attorney Daniel Buckley had claimed the informed consent law was subject at the time to a federal court injunction, and therefore the abortion giant did not have to abide by it. However, the judge ruled that the Ohio law was applicable to the case.

Both the girl and her parents, from St. Bernard, Ohio, filed the lawsuit against Planned Parenthood in 2005. The family’s lawyer said that Planned Parenthood should also be convicted for allowing the abortion to go through without notifying her parents, who were unaware that she was the victim of rape at the time.

However, in the lead-up to the March 2004 abortion, the abortion clinic had called a number the girl claimed belonged to her father, but actually belonged to John Haller, her 22-year-old coach. The abuser pretended to be the girl’s father and gave his consent to the procedure.

Haller had begun having sex with the girl when she was 13.  He finished a three-year prison sentence in 2007 after he was convicted of sexual battery.

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