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 Operation Rescue

GRANITE CITY, Illinois (LifeSiteNews) – An Illinois abortion facility with a history of scandal sent a 13-year-old girl to the hospital by perforating her uterus during a second-trimester abortion in April, according to newly-obtained 911 call records shedding light on one of four emergencies apparently related to abortion complications in just two months.

Operation Rescue reported that it has obtained 911 records for an April 28 incident at Hope Clinic for Women (HCW). Pro-life activists outside had witnessed the arrival of an ambulance at the facility, but details were not available until now.

According to the call, the teen had to be transferred to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, a Level 1 trauma center, due to abortion instruments piercing her uterus during a second-trimester abortion. It is not yet known what became of the girl.

“It is unknown whether the abortionist who performed the botched abortion reported the child’s rape,” Operation Rescue president Troy Newman said. “My staff is looking into this and filing a formal complaint concerning this middle-school aged girl who was already violated sexually and then violated again by the blood-thirsty abortionists at this hopelessly dangerous facility.”

The incident was one of four known cases in March and April at Hope Clinic for Women previously highlighted by Operation Rescue, which are nothing new for the facility.

“Though abortion clinics have closed in states all over the country since Roe was overturned, HCW is alive and well – injuring so many girls and women that it is difficult for my staff to keep up with the life-threatening hospitalizations occurring on a regular basis,” said Newman, who expressed “hope and pray[er] that this poor girl lived through this deadly ordeal. If so, we pray for her as she begins a long journey of physical and emotional healing from the repeated forms of victimization that no child should ever have to endure.”

Despite countless such cases of women harmed by abortion and documented health and safety deficiencies at abortion centers across the United States, national Democrats continue to push legislation that would, among other things, forbid states from subjecting the abortion industry to health and safety regulations, such as admitting privileges and informed-consent requirements.

This year, the Biden administration has attempted to allow abortion pills to be distributed by mail (in violation of federal law), effectively cutting medical oversight out of the chemical abortion process entirely.