QUEENSLAND, Australia, Nov 15 ( Austalian abortionist David Grundmann, who specializes in partial-birth abortion, spoke at an abortionist’s conference yesterday in Queensland. He advocated the practice of killing unborn children of an undesired sex, using prenatal scans to identify the sex of the child. Grundmann is quoted as supporting sex selection as a “real and important indication for some ethnic and religious groups” when considering late-term abortions. 

At the conference, abortionist speakers seemed boast about the numbers of their late term abortions and the length of time children were permitted to live prior to being killed in the womb. “I go a bit further than 22 weeks”, said Grundmann. American abortionists George Tiller and Warren Hern also spoke at the conference about performing abortions on women 37 weeks pregnant. The Age reports that Tiller mentioned he had committed “more than 11,500 post-22 week terminations since 1980.” Tiller presented a study of late-term (average gestational age 27 weeks) abortions “involving 2750 women aged between 10 and 45 who underwent abortions between 1994-97.” The paper reports that “the vast majority – 2051- were performed because of either maternal health problems, with the remaining 699 abortions performed because of foetal abnormality.” 

With files from The Age.