BALTIMORE, September 27, 2010 ( – Notorious abortionist Romeo Ferrer is closing his Severna Park, Maryland, abortion facility after a 10-year campaign by dedicated pro-life organizations and the suspension of his medical license by the Maryland Board of Physicians.

Pro-life activists learned September 23 that the Gynecare Center is not scheduling new appointments and does not have a doctor to perform the procedure. The staff answering the phone indicated they are closing the facility.

Ferrer's license was abruptly revoked on September 8 after the Board of Physicians found that the degree of negligence in the abortion death of one of Ferrer's clients in 2006 indicated that “the public health, safety or welfare imperatively requires emergency action.” The Board found that the healthy woman had died after Ferrer sloppily administered anesthesia, and then failed to provide the patient with supplemental oxygen after noticing her nail beds had turned blue.

After the suspension, Ferrer had recruited another Maryland abortionist, Ghevont Wartanian, to continue the killing of pre-born babies at his Severna Park facility.

However, the abortionist watchdog group Operation Rescue notes that Wartanian, who has been sued multiple times for malpractice and negligence, is at least as dangerous as Ferrer: lawsuits have blamed Wartanian for incidents ranging from the death of newborn babies to causing brain damage and a host of other medical mistakes.

In 2001, a Baltimore Sun exposé found that 18 women had sued Wartanian within 20 years, nine of which resulted in payments of over $2 million. Although Wartanian has been accused in more malpractice cases since then, the Maryland Medical Board has chosen to take no action against the abortionist, leaving his record clean, with no mention of the malpractice suits.

But this month, Wartanian contacted Gynecare one day after the 40-Day for Life vigil was moved to his Glen Burnie, Maryland, OB-GYN medical practice. He instructed Gynecare to cancel all of his existing appointments, and informed them he would not be returning to the facility.

“We are grateful for the news that Gynecare has closed its doors and will no longer be murdering innocent babies in their mothers' wombs. This is a great first step regarding abortionist Ferrer; we now have to continue to pressure the Maryland Board of Physicians to permanently revoke Ferrer's license,” said Defend Life Director Ames.

Pro-Life activists are anxiously awaiting news whether Gynecare is closed for good, or only temporarily, until Ferrer can find another abortionist.