MUSKEGON, MI, January 16, 2013, ( – Dr. Robert Alexander has said someone should pay the penalty for the “filthy” conditions in his now-closed abortion facility – but it shouldn't be him.

“They can’t hold me accountable for this,” he told MLive. “This is not the way I left it.”

“Whoever did this really ransacked it and they did it with intent,” he said on Tuesday after returning to his shuttered Women's Medical Services facility, which was closed the day after Christmas by order of the Muskegon fire marshal.


Police had discovered the filthy conditions in the facility after responding to a call about a broken window at the back of the clinic that appeared to be caused by a possible break-in. 

The intruder, or intruders, were “attempting to create a diversion – to make it appear as if the doctor in here was a bad doctor,” the abortionist said. “No doctor in this day and time would leave an office like this.”

Alexander previously stated that he left the business in “pristine” condition.

Official reports state, and internet pictures attest, that the office was coated with bloodstains on the floor and walls, that blood dripped from a sink, that the doctor used unsterilized instruments, that sharp objects were in an operating area, and buckets of “unknown fluids” lay about the operating room.

Former patient, Sheria McCloud, said the recent photos reminded her of the facility's noxious environment when she visited in 2009.

“The conditions that I seen on the computer, it was like that when I went in there,” she said.

“He tried to put me in a room. It was blood all over the floor, all on the table,” she remembered. “And I said, 'Are you serious? I'm not fixing to lay on this table.'”

Muskegon Public Safety Director Jeffrey Lewis told a local television station he considered the building “dirty or filthy” and “dangerous to human life.”

The fire marshal’s eyewitness report largely corroborates charges made by Operation Rescue last September.

State officials said Dr. Alexander's office had never been inspected, because it did not meet the state's criteria as a “freestanding surgical outpatient facility.” Instead, they considered it a physician's office.

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McCloud triggered an investigation when she found out she was pregnant after believing the doctor had performed an abortion. Michigan's Bureau of Health Professions found Dr. Alexander “was grossly negligent” in his handling of the case. Although his malfeasance could have killed McCloud, the board concluded no investigation was necessary.

In a 2008 case, a woman thought she had an abortion but was taken to Hackley Hospital, and gave birth to a stillborn child lacking a brain, skull, and other body parts.

The records reveal Dr. Alexander perforated a woman's uterus during a previous botched abortion.

State officials acknowledge receiving a complaint four months ago – one that Operation Rescue admits registering – but refused to tell the local media outlet whether they followed up with an inspection.

“Perhaps no other abortion provider in Michigan has had a more troubled and checkered medical career than Robert Alexander,” said Monica Migliorino Miller, the director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society.