BEED, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, June 1, 2012, ( – Officials in the Indian state with the most “missing” girls compared to boys, have arrested an abortionist who dodged restrictions on sex-selection abortions by feeding the evidence – aborted baby girls – to dogs.

Abortionist Sudam Munde and his wife were arrested last Friday for the abortion-related death of a woman who was six months pregnant with an unwanted daughter, according to India Today.


Reports this week indicated that officials were in the process of revoking the medical licenses of both Munde and his wife in connection with the abortion death.

A member of the anti-gender bias charity Lek Ladki Abhiyan revealed to media last week how one abortionist in the town of Beed in Maharashtra kept his own dogs as a means of disposing the unwanted girls.

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Munde was arrested two years ago after Varsha Deshpande conducted a sting operation in which the abortionist openly discussed his abortion of baby girls and how he fed them to his five dogs. Deshpande said that someone “even saw a fetus being fed to the animals.”

Munde was arrested in light of the evidence, she said, but soon released because the abortionist had political clout in the town due in part to his wealth.

Suresh Shetty, the public health minister for Maharashtra, said last week that Munde has previously gotten away with bullying and threatening public officials attempting to crack down on his illegal practice. “Our civil surgeon who had gone to investigate Munde’s hospital was locked up in a room by some goons. They even abused her and asked her to go away,” he said.

Meanwhile, the same surgeon has been facing threats for more than a year, he said, and his department has “asked the home department to provide security for our staff.”

In the state of Maharashtra, there are 801 girls born for every 1,000 boys, the worst sex imbalance in all of India.

Sex-selective abortion became an issue in the United States this week, as undercover sting operations in Texas and New York exposed that Planned Parenthood officials were willing to perform the procedure, and a bill to ban the practice failed to pass a Congress by the necessary two-thirds margin on Thursday.