ORLANDO, FL, September 17, 2013 ( – An abortionist who could have lost his license for slapping a female patient in the face has instead been fined a nominal amount of money by the Florida Board of Medicine.

On March 27, 2010, a woman identified only as “Amanda R.” went to the Orlando Woman’s Center, where Randall Whitney was practicing in place of another troubled abortionist, James Pendergraft.


After Whitney was unable to locate a vein after three tries, he injected valium directly into Amanda's arm, causing a burning sensation that made her scream. Whitney told her to be quiet, because her screams were scaring his other patients.

“The doctor slapped her on the left side of the face,” according to the police report. “Amanda’s face was red on the left side of the face.”

She also suffered from the poorly administered anesthesia. “Due to the needle or medicine Amanda’s fingers began to turn blue,” said the report. 

According to the officer, Whitney admitted slapping the woman “because she was being very uncooperative and he was trying to calm her down.”

The police charged Whitney with felony assault. 

Pro-life activist Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics said that the case has received little media attention.

“Just ask yourself how much coverage this story would have gotten if, instead of being assaulted by her abortionist, this woman had been slapped by a pro-life sidewalk counselor as she was walking into the clinic,” Crutcher said in a press release. “Where are the so-called women’s groups? If anyone other than an abortionist had done the same thing,” they would “have trotted out their 'war-on-women' rhetoric.”

Ironically, he said, under Florida law an assault of this sort is only considered a felony if the woman is pregnant – because it may endanger a child's life.

“An abortionist is hired to snuff out the life of a defenseless unborn child, but ends up in jail because he put the baby’s life at risk by slapping the mother,” Crutcher said. “In the end, this is a textbook example of just how schizophrenic our country has become on issues involving life and death. And make no mistake about it, the driving force behind this mental illness is abortion.”

Whitney failed to appear for his court date in September 2010. The women accused Whitney of offering her $10,000 not to show up to court, as well. The following October 4, he entered a plea of no contest to aggravated battery.

He spent one day in jail and paid fines and associated fees.

The Florida Department of Health filed a complaint against Whitney for unprofessional behavior in slapping his patient, which could have cost him his license.

Instead, on August 12, the State of Florida Board of Medicine ordered Whitney to pay $15,541.31 in fines and fees, complete three hours of continuing medical education, and agree to an evaluation by the Professionals Resource Network (PRN).

Crutcher called that a “slap on the wrist.” 

Whitney's troubled history includes two previous license suspensions

Michele Herzog of Pro-Life Action Ministries, said that Whitney admitted during testimony about a botched abortion Pendergraft performed in 2004 that, in Herzog's paraphrase, “babies are delivered in the toilet all the time and many times are still alive, wiggling around in the toilet.

On another occasion, the 80-year-old Whitney told Herzog a three-week-old baby “is not a human being,” is “not a baby,” and that no unborn child is alive until “it is born and separate from its host.”

Correction: This article originally stated that Whitney was convicted in 2001 of felony extortion. In fact, it was Whitney's colleague, James Pendergraft, who received this conviction.