Abortionist who stored 36 bags of aborted babies in storage unit loses botched abortion lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed by a Mississippi woman who said she slipped into a coma following a botched abortion performed by Joseph Booker.
Wed Dec 7, 2011 - 2:14 pm EST

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, December 7, 2011 ( – A circuit court judge has ruled in favor of a Mississippi woman who said she slipped into a coma following a botched abortion.

Daschica Thomas and her husband filed suit against abortionist Joseph Booker in 2005, claiming he abruptly stopped in the middle of an abortion and did not administer antibiotics. Thomas, who is diabetic, said she had to receive blood transfusions and contracted a blood infection that left her comatose.

Her lawsuit states that she is now infertile, and her husband has lost his job because he was forced to care for her.


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Circuit Judge Bill Gowan ruled in their favor after the defendants did not show up to the hearings. Although Gowan filed a default judgment, damages have yet to be defined.

The abortionist is no stranger to the wrong side of law. In 1999, Booker served time in prison for tax evasion. Later in the year, police learned that a local resident discovered 36 bags of aborted babies in a storage unit he purchased from Booker.

Although abortion advocates say they wish to keep abortion “safe, legal, and rare,” women regularly suffer physical injuries including excessive uterine bleeding, breathing problems, convulsions, sterility, and death.

Daschica Thomas’ procedure took place in at the National Women’s Health Organization of Jacksonville, Mississippi. Booker no longer works at the facility, which is under new ownership.

A Christian ministry, Bible Education and Missionary Services (BEAMS) acquired another of Booker’s abortion mills and evicted the abortionist in 1998 after he failed to pay the mortgage.

Josh Brahm, Education Director for Right to Life of Central California and host of the pro-life radio show, “Life Report,” told, “This story is one more piece of evidence that abortion sometimes harms women, both physically and emotionally.” However, he said that is not the strongest argument against the practice. “Abortion is wrong, not because it hurts women sometimes, but because it kills a distinct, living and whole human being. As Jay Watts at Life Training Institute says, there’s a difference between ‘what’s wrong with abortion’ and ‘what makes abortion wrong.’”

Brahm stated, “If pro-lifers successfully communicate to those around them that we want to protect all human beings and help women avoid the physical and emotional suffering that often comes after an abortion, then I believe we will one day make abortion unthinkable.”


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