TOPEKA, KANSAS, June 22, 2012, ( – The state of Kansas stripped a doctor of her medical license after finding she routinely facilitated George Tiller’s partial birth abortions on young girls for “mental health” reasons as banal having to attend a prom or the stress the teen would experience from hiring a babysitter in order to attend rock concerts.

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts on Friday formally revoked the medical license of Dr. Kristin Neuhaus, a laser hair technician, who was paid by the slain Kansas abortionist to sign off on late-term procedures. Neuhaus’ consent was required under Kansas law mandating a second professional opinion acknowledging that a late-term abortion was needed to avoid “severe and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function” of the mother.

Kansas officials learned that Neuhaus and Tiller routinely interpreted “major bodily function” as the mind, and “severe and irreversible impairment” as practically any negative mental impact bearing the child might cause. Official records indicated no evidence that Neuhaus, who received $350 for each letter of consent she signed, even met any of the patients she green-lighted for partial-birth abortions.

During deposition, Neuhaus strongly objected to the notion that she permitted anyone who applied for a late-term abortion to get one, but reportedly could not recall a single patient she did not clear for an abortion.


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“Her actions clearly show a disregard for her patients’ safety and care, which causes her to be a threat to any future patients she might have,” said Reese Hays, an attorney on the board’s litigation team, as reported by the Associated Press.

Operation Rescue, which was present at the hearing, reports that Neuhaus was also ordered to pay over $92,000 in costs, but officials agreed to defer the payments until after all of her appeals are complete.


The sanction was initiated by a complaint filed in 2006 by Operation Rescue, and based on evidence obtained through the abortion investigations conducted by former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline.

Kline is currently fighting to keep his license against controversial ethics charges that arose amidst Planned Parenthood’s vigorous efforts – aided by Kline’s pro-choice successor under the Sebelius administration – to take back all copies of the abortion records Kline had obtained starting in 2003. A judge deemed these record likely to contain evidence of abortionists’ criminal activity.

Kline recently filed a motion to recuse judges involved in the case that detailed Planned Parenthood and Sebelius officials’ joint effort to wipe Kline’s case against the Kansas abortion industry off the map.

In another twist, Neuhaus herself had reportedly been recommended to Dr. Tiller by Larry Beuning, the executive director of the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, and another Sebelius appointee.

Phill Kline told on Friday afternoon that the sanction sheds more light on the corruption that allowed Kansas’ late-term abortion business to flourish in spite of the law.

“This again confirms the legitimacy of my investigation into illegal activity by the Kansas abortion clinics,” said Kline, “and also demonstrates the length and breadth of efforts of the political allies of those clinics to conceal the truth and prevent the legitimate administration of justice.”

Kline had described earlier this year how Tiller had deemed healthy unborn twins as a “severe fetal anomaly,” and the stress of worrying about a child as “irreversible damage to a major bodily function,” in order to dodge laws restricting late-term abortions.

Tiller claimed to have aborted at least 60,000 children before his murder in May 2009.