BUENOS AIRES, October 11, 2012, ( – The mayor of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, has announced his intention to veto a law recently passed by the city’s legislature that critics say would have legalized abortion-on-demand, delivering a serious blow to Argentinian pro-abortion activists.

The law, which was passed by a one-vote majority of 30-29, would have permitted abortion until the ninth month of pregnancy as a “right” in cases of rape, even if no criminal charges had been filed, and without the need for parental consent for girls as young as 14.


It would also have required all hospitals to kill unborn children, despite their religious affiliation, and prohibited bioethics committees from exercising their authority over such cases.

Macri said that he would veto the law because it went beyond the authority of the Supreme Court decision that it purported to implement, a ruling from earlier this year prohibiting criminal sanctions for abortions in cases of rape.

“The government of Buenos Aires will veto the law on non-punishable abortion, because it considers it to exceed the what was established by the Supreme Court,” a government website stated, specifically noting that it would extend abortion rights to “rape victims from 14 years of age, without legal authorization nor formal process.”

The veto represents a substantial defeat for pro-abortion forces in Argentina. Buenos Aires is by far the largest population center in the country, with approximately 37 percent of Argentina’s population living in the greater metropolitan area.

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Abortionists received another blow when a local judge then ordered the suspension of an abortion that was to be performed on a rape victim under the existing protocol, noting that “it is not just to palliate one of the victims by eliminating the life of the other,” and that “it isn’t possible to repair one damage by generating another worse and absolutely irreversible damage.”