INDIANAPOLIS, IN, November 25, 2013 ( – An Indiana abortionist who was cauth earlier this year failing to report a 13-year-old girl's abortion in accordance with state law is not alone. Indeed, between 58 and 75 percent of abortions performed on girls under the age of 14 were not reported in accordance with a state law designed to catch child molesters, according to a new investigation.

Under a bill adopted in 2011, abortionists have three days to report any abortion they perform on a girl under the age of 14. Girls 13 and younger are not capable of consensual sexual activity under the law, and abortion is often used to cover up statutory rape.

But reporter Amanda Gray of the South Bend Tribune combed through reports and found at least seven of the 12 reports made since the law took effect came in weeks or months too late. The dates of two other reports were unclear due to incomplete paperwork.


The issue came blazing to life in September, when pro-life activists reported that Dr. Ulrich George Klopfer had performed an abortion on a young black girl at Fort Wayne Women's Health Organization on February 7. He did not report the abortion until July 25.

The mother had not yet reached the eighth grade.

Klopfer reported at least three abortions after the limit, according to Gray.

Another facility that reported two abortions weeks too late had been caught offering to help a 13-year-old girl cover up statutory rape and shield her molester five years ago. Live Action filmed employees at Planned Parenthood's Georgetown Health Center in Indianapolis telling an undercover reporter, who was allegedly impregnated by a 31-year-old man, how to “hide” her abortion and the abusive relationship from state authorities in 2008.

In all, four abortionists in five counties (Allen, St. Joseph, Lake, Marion and Monroe) failed to comply with legal requirements to contact the Department of Child Services and the Indiana State Department of Health in a timely manner, the Tribune report states.

The actual numbers are uncertain, as Gray notes that the data she worked with are incomplete.

“The concerns raised by this new report are so egregious that we believe the medical license of every doctor identified in the article should be immediately suspended pending a full investigation,” Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter said. “If such an investigation confirms that the abuse of these children has not been properly reported, the only reasonable course is to permanently revoke the license of every doctor involved.”

Allen County Right to Life Executive Director Cathie Humbarger and sidewalk counselor Evelyn Witte each filed complaints with Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller and the Indiana Medical Licensing Board and asked that Klopfer's medical license be suspended in September.

Klopfer has boast that he actively helps girls evade state law, telling Sofia Resnick of RH Reality Check that he encouraged girls under 14 to go to Illinois or Ohio – states that have no such reporting requirements. He said perhaps one-third of the young girls he talks to do so.

Child abuse advocates say the gap in reporting may have allowed sexual predators to continue to abuse these girls – or to begin abusing others.

“What we know is that some sex offenders have more than one victim,” Jennifer Pickering of Prevent Child Abuse St. Joseph County told the Tribune.

Fichter agreed that “failure to properly report such abuse means help is delayed to a child…potentially subjecting them to weeks or months of ongoing abuse that could have been stopped.”

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St. Joseph County Prosecutor Mike Dvorak told Gray that the state had not shared any reports it was receiving with his office – but if they did, he would be eager to investigate them.

The state abortion industry has a dark history of withholding the records of underage girls from state officials. Planned Parenthood fought and won a nearly two-year-long court battle against then-state Attorney General Steve Carter, when he requested the medical records of 73 girls under the age of 14 who had abortions.