TORONTO, Ontario, October 5, 2011 ( – Leaders of Ontario’s abortion movement gathered this week at the infamous Toronto Morgentaler abortion facility in the lead-up to Thursday’s election bearing one message: whatever you do, don’t vote for Tim Hudak and his Progressive Conservative party.

Despite Hudak’s professed support for maintaining the status quo on abortion, the leaders of Ontario’s abortion industry claim a victory for his party “would put abortion rights in danger for women in Ontario.”

“Tim Hudak signed a petition to end abortion funding in Ontario,” said Carolyn Egan of the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics and the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. “He is now running to be premier of this province, and it is tremendously worrying to have a leader who has publicly taken an anti-abortion position potentially in charge of women’s healthcare in this province.”

The 1998 petition, which Hudak’s campaign team during the 2009 PC leadership race admitted he had signed, caused a stir in July after the news was brought to light by pro-abortion bloggers.

In 2009, Hudak’s campaign told the Association for Reformed Political Action that he was pro-life and “has signed petitions calling for abortion defunding and conscience legislation.” But Hudak responded to the controversy in July by invoking Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s approach, insisting he has no intention of opening the abortion debate.

“I may have signed a petition from my riding in that respect but listen, I’ve been clear — we would not reopen this debate,” he said, according to the Toronto Sun.  “I said that throughout our leadership campaign.”

Egan was joined at Tuesday’s press conference by Michelle Landsberg, wife of the famed pro-abortion ‘humanitarian’ Stephen Lewis, and other pro-abortion leaders including Judy Rebick and Clayton Ruby. Their press release expressed fears over Campaign Life Coalition’s October 22nd ‘Defund Abortion rally’ at Queen’s Park.

When he first ran for the provincial legislature in 1995, Hudak told Campaign Life Coalition that he believed the government should promote the choice of life, but CLC says he has not done anything related to life and family issues while in office, and has never again signed their questionnaire.

Premier Dalton McGuinty, the Liberal leader, has been a staunch supporter of abortion access throughout his tenure as premier.  NDP leader Andrea Horwath is described as an “abortion activist” by Campaign Life Coalition because of her public stunts to promote abortion “rights” in the legislature.

For ratings of Ontario candidates based on pro-life and pro-family issues, visit Campaign Life Coalition’s website here.