ASIA, Feb 15 ( – Abortions are rising in Russia again and the declining economy is being blamed. A weekend report by the U.S.-based Pro-Life Infonet reveals that a phenomenal 2.5 million unborn children were killed. This, nevertheless dwarfs the 3.5 million deaths in 1992. At this rate, however, twice the number of children were aborted than born alive.

According to available, data nearly 40% of Russian abortions result in complications which require antibiotics or hospital treatment. This is further evidence of the false nature of the mantra of the pro-abortion lobby that legal abortion is synonymous with safe abortion.

Abortions are also on the rise in Vietnam where a growing number of teens are using it as a method of birth control, reported the San Jose Mercury, last week. The country reported 1.1 million abortions – four times the target figure set by the government. It costs $4.35 to kill an unborn baby in Vietnam.