TEXAS, Feb 15 ( – The “Abortuary Corruption Watch” takes us to Texas this week as the list of publicized criminal offenses surrounding the unregulated abortion industry grows. A Texas abortionist was sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison last week for tax evasion and filing false Medicaid claims for abortions, reported the Odessa American. John Alderman also faces two years of supervised release time and a $200 fine.

In Texas Medicaid only pays for abortions in cases of rape, incest and saving the life of the mother. The abortionist sent false claims to Medicaid. Pro-life forces would like to know the extent to which situations like this contribute to an inflation of statistics for such abortions since these “difficult” circumstances are often used by pro-aborts as a wedge issue to advance abortion rights. Alderman had filed $25,169 in false claims from 1994-1997. He also failed to pay more than $100,000 in taxes reported Mark Roomberg, an Assistant US Attorney involved in the case.

Meanwhile in Australia, a controversial abortionist who was suspended from practice last year is setting up a new “family planning clinic” to open in April. Peter Bayliss, 71, was suspended after a tribunal found him guilty of misconduct for a 1994 abortion procedure which left the adult patient suffering severe brain damage. According to The Australian, though, “the tribunal found he had changed his practices and equipment since the incident and did not pose a risk [any longer].” Mr. Bayliss’ first encounter with the law over questionable abortion practices was in 1984 15 years ago.