Dear Readers,

  We have an interesting story today about Hilary Clinton’s participation in the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day parade. Be sure to check out the photographs in the website version of the story.

  Last week it was a Scottish Catholic bishop and this week an Oklahoma State Representative made some unusually blunt public criticisms about homosexual activism. In both cases the critics have refused to back down despite a barrage of intimidation orchestrated by gay activists. There appears to be a new trend of some people in leadership positions saying they have had enough of what they see as serious social damage caused by the increasing acceptance of homosexuality and denigration of family life.

  Take a look at our letters to the editor today. We have three responses with some excellent information related to last week’s story about Trisomy-13 baby Zak.

  The Ugandan first lady story is good news.  This courageous, self-assured wife of Uganda’s president has stood up to the very powerful international AIDS and condom establishment and won.

  To our readers who observe Lent, we urge you to consider LifeSiteNews as a worthy recipient for your final Lenten almsgiving this Holy Week. We certainly could use the funds at this time of high expenses and critically low financial resources. We have had to cancel some important projects because of the current situation. To view the different easy ways to donate see

  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
  Steve Jalsevac