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Archbishop Viganò prays the rosary at the 2017 Rome March for LifeClaire Chretien / LifeSiteNews

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(LifeSiteNews) – Corruption in the Church and society is linked, said Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, and both spheres have changed into a “communist-type dictatorship.”

Speaking to former Trump advisor Steve Bannon on his show Bannon’s War Room, the archbishop dealt with a wide-ranging array of topics, from corruption in the Catholic Church to the Great Reset and Russia’s war with Ukraine. 

He described a “Manichean division between good and evil,” which is manifested in such opposing views as “left vs. right, liberalism vs. fascism, globalism vs. sovereignism, vaccinism vs. no-vax.”

Archbishop Viganò said that in the eyes of society the “‘good guys’ are obviously those on the left: liberal but supportive, globalist, inclusive, ecumenical, resilient, and sustainable,” whereas “patriots, Christians, right-wingers, sovereignists, and heterosexuals” are seen as the “bad guys.”

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Alluding to wide-spread societal change in the West, Archbishop Viganò described this process as a “fusion of the worst of liberalism with the worst of collective socialism.”

Today we see, after two years of the pandemic farce, how globalist liberalism has made use of communist and dictatorial methods to impose itself with its Great Reset, and how the communist regimes are using liberal methods to enrich the upper echelons of the party without losing total control over the population. 

“This demonstrates that the geopolitical balance is shifting towards a multi-polar vision and that bipolarism fueled by the deep state is in decline,” he said.

Western nations’ decline mirrored in the Church

The archbishop, who served as Papal Nuncio to the U.S. for five years from 2011 to 2016, told Bannon that the “deep church” was born out of the corrupt nature of Western society, styled the “deep state.”

“The deep church is an offshoot of the deep state, in a certain sense,” he said. As such, Archbishop Viganò found it inevitable that “Faith and Morals” are being destroyed for the dual process of “ecumenism and synodality,” since the Church is practicing the “liberal errors” of society.

For this reason it should not surprise us that we are witnessing the demolition of Faith and Morals in the name of ecumenism and synodality, applying liberal errors in the theological sphere; and on the other hand the transformation of the Papacy and the Roman Curia into a politburo in which ecclesiastical authority is both absolute and also released from its fidelity to the Magisterium, following the modalities of the exercise of power in a communist-type dictatorship.

Instead of law based on “justice,” it is now built on “the convenience and utility of those who apply it,” he said. For proof of this, the archbishop pointed to the Vatican’s current “harsh” treatment of traditional “clergy and the faithful” in contrast to “how much indulgence the Vatican praises notorious pro-abortion activists (I am thinking of Biden and Pelosi among the most striking cases) as well as the propagandists of LGBTQ ideology and gender theory.” 

The Catholic Church is suffering from an internal process of demolition, declared the former Nuncio, as “liberalism and communism have formed an alliance to demolish the institution from within, just as has happened in the civil sphere.”

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Reversal of ‘deep state’ in the US

In order to reverse such a process, at least in the U.S., Archbishop Viganò pointed to “the collaboration and sacrifices of everyone, and a solid spiritual vision that inspires the reconstruction of the social fabric.”

The return of former President Donald Trump to the White House “would allow for real peace negotiations, once the deep state has been eradicated from the Administration and government agencies,” he added. For this to happen, the archbishop stated that “the demonstrated electoral fraud of the last presidential election” would need to take place, which would make Trump’s eventual victory “even more striking.”

A second term of Trump as president “would have strong repercussions on the ramifications of the deep state in Europe and in particular in Italy,” he said. 

He pointed to the upcoming midterm elections in the U.S. as a pivotal moment in this procedure of ending the Democratic control of the political system, saying that should Republicans gain ground it would mean that “the servants of the deep state – including first of all the ‘neo-cons’ – have been ousted.”

Great Reset destined for failure

While having earlier warned about the globalists’ “deliberate intention to harm,” Archbishop Viganò added that the Great Reset has an “inevitable” end of failure, the time of which depends upon “our capacity to oppose it and also what is contained in the plans of Divine Providence.”

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The archbishop urged families to form part of a movement to resist the “build back better” agenda of the Great Reset, and instead to “rebuild what has been destroyed”: 

the family, the bond of marriage, the moral education of children, love for our country, dedication to hard work, and fraternal charity, especially towards those who are the most defenseless and needy. We must reaffirm the holiness and untouchable sanctity of life from conception to natural death; defending the complementary nature of the two sexes against the insanity of gender ideology, protecting children from corruption and guaranteeing the innocence to which they are entitled.

Nor is such a conversion of the “deep state” and the “deep church” negotiable, said the archbishop, as such a “return to God” is “a necessity dictated by the divine order that the Creator has imprinted on creation.”

In contrast to the Great Reset style of societal upheaval, Archbishop Viganò described the process of societal change not as a “collectivist or communitarian vision in which individuals disappear into the mass, but rather in a personal and individual vision, in which each one of us freely recognizes that nothing can be better than what Our Heavenly Father has prepared for us, since He loves us and wants to make us sharers in His glory.”

Archbishop Viganò’s interview was warmly praised by Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology, used so widely in the current abortion-tainted COVID jabs. Malone told Liz Yore that the interview showed Viganò to be a “great defender of humanity.”