Tuesday November 27, 2007

Abstinence Activist Elected to School Board that Fired Him

Liberal school superintendent resigns in protest

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

PRIOR LAKE, Minnesota, November 27, 2007 ( – After being fired for promoting abstinence among students at the school where he worked, ex school supervisor Chris Lind has been elected to the Prior Lake-Savage district school board in Minnesota.

Lind, who was a hallway and parking lot supervisor at a local high school and a “conservative Christian” was told by District Human Resource Director Tony Massaros that he could not discuss abstinence from sexual activity with any students, during or after school hours, on or off campus, according to a friend who witnessed the meeting.

Lind was told that this restriction included Sunday Bible school classes at his own church, and it even extended to former students of the school. He was also told to take down his “My Space” website, which purportedly gave advice to the many students who sought his counsel.

However, after the Prior Lake-Savage School District fired Lind on the recommendation of Superintendent Tom Westerhaus, the voters returned him to the District in the months following, electing him to the school board early this month.

Westerhaus soon after announced his resignation, stating that he couldn’t continue to function as the employee of the man whom he had fired so recently.

What galled Westerhaus the most was the fact that the people of the school district had clearly sided with Lind. “It isn’t that one person. It’s the 3,400 people who said he’s one of the best candidates for School Board,” Westerhaus told a local reporter. “I’m being told this was courageous. I don’t know that’s what this was, but I’m taking a stand. Maybe that’s what we need now in education more than ever.”

Chuck Darrell of the Minnesota Family Council, noted that the school district that fired Lind has a “sex-ed program” that promotes promiscuity and unnatural sexual behavior. “Perhaps Lind would have kept his job if he had limited his discussions to other comprehensive sex education topics such as how to get an abortion or oral sex with a dental dam,” Darrell writes on MFC’s blog, which has covered the issue for months.

“The recent rise in STDs and STIs in Minnesota is proof that current sex education curricula are a colossal failure,” says Darrell. “And, as long as schools continue to fire personnel for promoting abstinence then we can only expect more of the same.”

Although Lind will soon be a school board member, he has not ruled out the possibility of a lawsuit against the same board for his firing.

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