WASHINGTON, November 29, 2004 ( – An article published in the current issue of The Lancet, signed by nearly 150 HIV/AIDS experts from over 35 countries has acknowledged that abstinence and being faithful in marriage are key to stopping AIDS.  The article calls for following evidenced-based approaches and looks to Uganda’s ABC model as a successful campaign against the deadly virus.  The latest UN conference looking at AIDS demonstrated the hostility of many AIDS researchers and academics towards the Ugandan ABC program which has been backed by the Bush Administration.( )  While some may see ABC (Abstain, Be faithful/reduce partners, use Condoms) push in the Lancet as a success, others have seen a major watering down of the ABC approach.  While the Ugandan model shunned the use of condoms and resorted to them only as a last resort ( ), the ABC model, agreed upon by the Lancet signers says, “All three elements of this approach are essential to reducing HIV incidence, although the emphasis placed on individual elements needs to vary according to the target population. Although the overall programmatic mix should include an appropriate balance of A, B, and C interventions, it is not essential that every organisation promote all three elements: each can focus on the part(s) they are most comfortable supporting.”  See the Lancet article (registration required):   jhw