BUFFALO, June 5, 2002 ( – James C. Kopp, the man accused of killing abortionist Barnett Slepian, departed Paris France by plane today headed for Buffalo, N.Y. and was expected to arraigned efore a federal court today and a state court tomorrow.

Paul J. Cambria Jr., Kopp’s lawyer confirmed “He’ll plead not guilty in both locations.”  Interestingly, despite “double jeopardy” laws against trying individuals twice for the same crime, Erie County District Attorney Frank J. Clark wants to ensure the state tries Kopp first so that the federal courts can make another attempt at conviction. “Obviously having the opportunity to try him twice makes good, old-fashioned sense,” Clark said.

More foul play against Kopp has been suggested by Life Dynamics Inc., a Texas pro-life group. The group has accused the FBI of misconduct and incompetence and says the investigation of Kopp is fraught with inaccuracies.

Kopp has been held in jail in France pending extradition since last June. He has consistently proclaimed his innocence and suggested he evaded authorities out of fear for his life, which was sparked after the suspicious death of his close friend and pro-life activist Maurice Lewis.

An extensive report produced by Life Dynamics details numerous faults in the government’s case against James Kopp. That report is available at no charge by calling 940-380-8800 or by visiting the website:   See the Buffalo News coverage: