ACLU Donates $1.2 Million to Anti-Marriage California Proposition 8

Mon Sep 8, 2008 - 12:15 pm EST

By Tim Waggoner

SACRAMENTO, September 8, 2008 ( - The American Civil Liberties Union, which has a long history of promoting the homosexual movement, has now taken up arms against the family by donating $1.2 to defeat Proposition 8, which, if passed in November, would reverse the California State Supreme Court’s May 15 ruling that gave homosexuals the right to "marry."
  Despite the fact that 61 percent of Californians voted in 2000 to define marriage as being between one man and one woman, this May the California Supreme Court overturned this decision, implementing homosexual "marriage" in the state.

Proposition 8 seeks to re-define marriage as the people of California defined it in 2000, but is facing strong opposition from the homosexual movement and radical organizations such as the ACLU.
  The ACLU is well known for its support for causes which are repugnant even to many social moderates, such as its backing of a move to provide privacy to gay men wanting to have sex in public bathrooms., which is imploring Californians to protect traditional marriage by voting yes for Proposition 8, has issued a statement in response to the ACLU’s massive donation to the anti-family effort.
"By taking the ACLU’s support, our opponents are showing their true colors. The ACLU is notorious for undermining religious liberty, supporting the legalization of heroin and cocaine, and working to water down laws against sex offenders. And now, for being the #1 sponsor of a campaign to overturn the institution of marriage as it’s existed for thousands of years. "

"To match them, we’re launching a new campaign to stop by ACLU by raising $1.2 million from dedicated supporters like you," said the statement.
  In related news, The Pacific Gas and Electric Co., whose mission over the last 150 years has focused on excellence in energy provision, also recently made a $250,000 donation aimed at knocking down proposition 8.

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