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CONTACT YOUR SENATOR: Oppose attempts to expand euthanasia in Canada! Click to contact your senator, now.

OTTAWA, Ontario, February 12, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Canada passed a law in 2016 that allowed doctors to kill sick patients, usually by lethal injection, according to a practice euphemistically called Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD). There were various restrictions and limitations called “safeguards” on who would be eligible to die. Justin Trudeau’s Bill C-7 would vastly expand the categories of who is eligible to die. The bill is now being debated by the Senate where it is scheduled for a final vote on Feb. 17.

If the Liberal government’s Bill C-7 passes, it would expand euthanasia in the following ways:

  • Remove the requirement currently in the law that a person’s “natural death be reasonably foreseeable.” This would allow people who are not terminally ill to choose to die by euthanasia.
  • Permit a doctor or nurse practitioner to lethally inject a person who, at the time, is incapable of consenting as long as that person was previously approved for assisted death.
  • Waive the ten-day waiting period if a person's natural death is deemed to be reasonably foreseeable.

LifeSiteNews has launched a campaign on the Voter Voice platform where Canadians can easily contact their senators with a few clicks of the mouse to ask them to reject the bill. Click here to view the campaign. 

“Canadian medical practitioners have both a moral and professional obligation to provide life-saving services to patients across the country, so it goes without saying that assisting in any practice(s) that bring about death rather than life should never be on the table,” states the campaign.

“Now is the time to ensure your voice is heard in defense of life and in opposition to the Liberal government's efforts to further expand medical assistance in dying (MAiD),” the campaign adds.

“That’s why it’s so important that you contact your Senator and call on him or her to reject Bill C-7, which would expand MAiD access to individuals who are NOT facing imminent or “reasonably foreseeable” death due to a medical condition, disease, or ailment.”

The campaign asks senators to “reject Bill C-7 and stop euthanasia expansion in Canada.”

“Medical assistance in dying is already perpetrating a culture of death in Canada, and Bill C-7 will only make this dangerous trend worse,” a message to the Senators reads.

The campaign points out that MAiD laws are “already normalizing a culture of death rather than life in Canada and in nations all over the world.”

“We are already on a slippery slope with regards to euthanasia as it is, but if Bill C-7 becomes law, rest assured that Canada will continue to spiral downward on the issue of life and how our government (and future generations) will measure its value.”

“Please take a few minutes to contact your Senator and request that they oppose Bill C-7.” Click here to view the campaign.