By Steve Jalsevac

OTTAWA, September 28, 2006 ( – REAL Women of Canada today warned that the taxpayer funded Court Challenges Program and its supporters have begun a strong counter-offensive to persuade the Conservative government to reverse its decision to eliminate the Program.

In its announcement today the non-taxpayer funded conservative women’s group stated, “Numerous newspaper articles and letters to the editor have been flooding the country over the past few days. However, these articles and letters have not been telling the real story behind the CCP which has had such a powerful influence in shaping the social values of our country over the years. The truth about the CCP is that it has been used to allow left-wing special interest groups to bypass Parliament and allow controversial social issues to be resolved by judicial fiat. The cancellation of the CCP was long overdue.”Â

REAL Women sent a letter today to the editors of media across the country and urged other Canadians opposed to the abuse of democratic process and taxpayer funds by the Court Challenges Program to also write letters expressing their support for the government’s decision.

The REAL Women letter stated:
  Dear Editor,
  It was good news that the recent cutbacks announced by the Conservative government included the elimination of the Court Challenges Program. This agency was an example of government corruption and taxpayer abuse.
  The CCP did not advance the rights of minorities, but, with very few exceptions, was being used to subvert the democratic process and advance the cause of left-wing special interest groups to change the social values of this country by judicial fiat. That is, the CCP funding allowed the courts to decide controversial issues rather than Parliament. The latter, at least, hears both sides of an issue, makes compromises and has access to the social facts involved with an issue. CCP funding only permitted one side to be heard by the court, since those holding other views did not have the deep pockets to appear before the court and the federal Attorney General under the Liberal government usually supported the special interest groups in the court.
  The final insult to the taxpayer was that the CCP, although completely funded by the taxpayer, was not answerable to Parliament, nor was it subject to the Access to Information Act. The CCP was controlled and operated by the special interest groups who sat on its Board of Directors and its Advisory Committee and then happily directed the grants to their own organizations. A very cozy arrangement indeed. As such, the CCP was profoundly undemocratic and an insult to taxpayers. The disbandment of the CCP was long overdue.

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