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(Children’s Health Defense) — The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation has launched a new letter-writing and protest campaign against Pfizer to raise awareness of the deaths and injuries associated with remdesivir, a treatment commonly administered to COVID-19 hospital patients, and the COVID-19 vaccines.

As part of what the group said is a non-partisan campaign, the FormerFedsGroup drafted a letter to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and lobbied several Michigan state representatives, requesting that their calls to halt production of remdesivir and COVID-19 vaccines be added to the state’s legislative agenda.

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The FormerFedsGroup said it based its call to halt the production of remdesivir and the COVID-19 vaccines on “deaths, disabilities, and adulteration amongst other concerns.”

Aiming to raise awareness of its campaign, the FormerFedsGroup organized a rally outside of a Pfizer facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan. About 50 people, including several media representatives, attended.

In a statement provided to The Defender, the FormerFedsGroup said:

We feel this is a non-partisan issue as supporting this is supporting human life, safety and protection from harms, disabilities, or possible deaths as a result. We feel any non-support is to support the now known continued deaths, disabilities, and harms caused by the mRNA gene therapy ‘vaccine’ and deadly hospital protocol from Remdesivir.

Laurie Madigan, co-chair of the Michigan chapter of the COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memorial Project (CHBMP), an initiative launched by the FormerFedsGroup, explained why Pfizer is being targeted by this campaign:

I lost my husband, and it was to remdesivir, and we launched a class-action lawsuit against Gilead Sciences for remdesivir. When we filed that, we found out that Pfizer is actually the manufacturer of remdesivir, and Gilead is just distributing it for them. So, we are now in the process of refiling the paperwork against Pfizer.

Knowing now that Pfizer is the brains behind the operation and they’re still mass-producing remdesivir and the vaccine that are continuously injuring people, we are out to stop them and make people aware of what’s going on.

A Michigan judge in July ruled that a lawsuit against Gilead can move forward and be tried in the courts, despite claims by Gilead that it is protected under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act.

In that suit, plaintiff Daniel Nowacki alleged that glass particle contamination in remdesivir led to two strokes and a leg amputation.

Teresa Cichewicz, secretary of the Michigan chapter of CHBMP and content and special projects co-chair of the FormerFedsGroup, told The Defender, “We have over 1,100 people documented in CHBMP that are victims of the same exact problem, which is remdesivir. And so, we are representing not only those people, but everyone else who has not told their story.”

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Letter to Pfizer demands ‘immediate halt’ of COVID vaccine, remdesivir production

The FormerFedsGroup’s letter to Pfizer requests “the IMMEDIATE halt to any further production of what has now been proven to be a harmful, dangerous, and lethal ‘vaccine’ and the hospital protocol drug, Vekulry, remdesivir.”

The letter also urges and demands “that Pfizer informs the public of their own nefarious activities, negligence, and dishonesty.”

The letter references remdesivir-related injuries and deaths, COVID-19 vaccine contamination and adverse events attributed to the vaccine.

According to the letter, FormerFedsGroup members “have documented over 1,100 cases of injuries and deaths from the drug Remdesivir… which Pfizer has agreed to continue producing,” even though it was “advised to be discontinued by the WHO [World Health Organization] as a result of the 53.1% of deaths it had caused during the Ebola trials.”

In an African study testing the efficacy of remdesivir in treating Ebola, the results showed a 53.1 percent mortality rate for participants treated with the drug.

Nevertheless, in 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that remdesivir would become the “standard of care” in treating COVID-19.

The FormerFedsGroup’s letter to Pfizer also addresses the pending class-action lawsuit against Gilead, the distributor of remdesivir, filed in September.

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“A class-action complaint against Gilead Sciences, Inc. for alleged violations of consumer protection laws, false advertising, deceptive promotion, negligent misrepresentation, and other charges related to the marketing and administration of the drug has been filed,” the letter states.

“The representing counsel have chosen to file this suit in response to compelling, continuous appeals from FFFF members, primarily staffed by hundreds of volunteer widows, widowers, and relatives who have tragically lost loved ones due to hospital treatment protocols and mRNA vaccines for COVID-19,” the letter adds.

“In many distressing instances, these treatments were administered without the necessary informed consent,” the letter goes on to state.

Recent revelations regarding COVID-19 vaccine contamination were also addressed.

“In the past few weeks, it has been confirmed by many independent labs that the mRNA COVID ‘vaccines’ are contaminated with DNA fragments, SV40, and plasmids,” the letter states, adding that this has caused “serious concerns” and “worries,” and “shows sheer malfeasance, irresponsibility, and utter disregard for the safety and efficacy that was promised by Pfizer upon the rollout of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines.’”

Recent research has revealed that a significant percentage of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are contaminated with DNA and bacterial contaminants that can alter the human genome and trigger cancer and other serious conditions. Last month, Health Canada acknowledged the presence of such contamination in COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccine harms were also addressed by the letter, which states that the FormerFedsGroup “has diligently compiled over a thousand eyewitness testimonies of hospital mistreatment and vaccine-related injuries, with many unfortunately culminating in fatalities.”

The so-called “Pfizer documents” were also referenced, with the letter stating that the documents themselves admit “numerous harms, adverse events, deaths and disabilities” connected to the administration of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine.

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“The urgency to organize these victims was heightened due to repeated attempts by various entities to suppress and censor information about what was done to them,” the letter adds.

“As Pfizer boasts to be a leader in global public health and with American taxpayer dollars that developed the COVID-19 ‘vaccine,’ the company’s accountability and transparency with the public are of utmost importance,” it states.

According to Madigan, although the letter has been drafted, the FormerFedsGroup has opted to have it sent to Pfizer via the Michigan House of Representatives.

“We have asked the House of Representatives to send it on our behalf. I do know that they’re reviewing it… it is on their docket for review,” she said. “We have not mailed it directly to Pfizer, but I do expect in the upcoming days that Pfizer will get that letter.”

Michigan lawmakers asked to join initiative highlighting ‘murder by remdesivir’

Elected officials in the Michigan House of Representatives have also received letters from the FormerFedsGroup addressing the group’s concerns regarding remdesivir and the COVID-19 vaccines.

In a letter shared with The Defender addressed to Rep. Brad Paquette (R-Niles), the FormerFedsGroup called upon elected representatives in Michigan “to again call on Pfizer to cease production of the protocol drug remdesivir, as well as the COVID-19 vaccines,” and invited representatives to speak at Sunday’s protest outside Pfizer’s Kalamazoo facility.

“It’s a bipartisan issue in our view because they didn’t care what side you’re on,” Madigan said. “When they killed our spouses, they didn’t care what side you were on. When they killed our loved ones, they just cared if you were vaccinated or not.”

According to Madigan, one state representative, Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers), joined the FormerFedsGroup at Sunday’s protest. According to Madigan, he told those gathered that other representatives also support the FormerFedsGroup’s initiative, even if they could not attend. He added that in the coming days, the Michigan House of Representatives would issue a statement of support.

Madigan told The Defender that representatives of the presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Children Health Defense’s chairman on leave, were also present at Sunday’s protest, which she said was “very successful.”

“We had a good turnout,” she said. “We had the Pfizer employees across the road monitoring us and we had some news crews we didn’t expect to show up that did show up to cover us. Overall, we had really good, positive feedback from the people driving by and also in the area.”

This was not the first protest outside Pfizer’s Kalamazoo facility. According to Madigan, “last February, Michigan for Vaccine Choice protested at the same spot.” She added that the FormerFedsGroup has “protested at each of our hospitals where we lost loved ones,” including 16 hospitals in the past month.

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Cichewicz said that in addition to these initiatives, FormerFedsGroup representatives met in Phoenix over the weekend and “were partaking in a unified effort regarding remdesivir and the vaccines,” including discussions of a new class-action lawsuit the group plans to soon file against Pfizer.

“They’re doing the behind-the-scenes work at this moment,” Cichewicz said, adding that “other groups in other states are watching what we’ve done today and have expressed an interest to organize a national effort against Pfizer at the same time across the nation.” According to Cichewicz, this initiative is currently in its “planning stages.”

Madigan and Cichewicz called on the public to help the FormerFedsGroup and CHBMP in their efforts.

“If you had loved ones who died of COVID, ask yourself, did they really die of COVID?” Madigan said. “Truthfully, they most likely died as a result of their hospital treatment, and it’s been masked to us by saying it was COVID. Please take a look at how your loved ones died and reach out to us. We’re here to help you and we’re taking action.”

“People need to stay on top of these issues,” Cichewicz said. “We encourage everyone to come and tell their story, to be part of that class action lawsuit. There’s still time to do that. We really are trying to generate awareness… we’re really trying to get the word out that their loved ones may not have died from COVID,” but from “murder from remdesivir.”

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