HOLLYWOOD, June 9, 2003 ( – Action films star Arnold Schwarzenegger has been confirmed to be seriously considering running as the Republican candidate for the California governorship as early as this fall. This would be in response to what is shaping up to be a successful recall campaign to replace current Democrat governor Gray Davis who was elected only last November.  Today’s Newmax Left Coast Report quotes Schwarzenegger saying, “I would love to be governor … if the state needs me and if there’s no one I think is better, then I will run.”  The violent and often crude movies action hero is reported to be having discussions with his political advisor, political insiders and potential supporters. A final decision on whether to run will be made after the July 2 opening of his new film, “Terminator 3”.  For social conservative Republicans, Schwarzenegger is definitely no Ronald Reagan. There are serious reservations about supporting the actor whose views on critical moral issues mirror those of the morally bankrupt Hollywood establishment.

A Nov. 18, 2002 Associated Press article reported that Schwarzenegger describes himself as “very liberal” on social issues and that “He favors legalized abortion…and gay adoption”. England’s May 30 Guardian newspaper also quotes commentator Bill Bradley stating,  “He’s pro-choice, pro-gay rights…He’s a member of the Kennedy family and some of that, I think, has rubbed off on him”.  The actor is married to Kennedy cousin and Democrat Maria Shriver.  Human Events on line on April 23, 2001 reported that Schwarzenegger was outspoken against the Clinton impeachment. Of that he stated, “That was another thing I will never forgive the Republican Party for”.  The 55 year old former Austrian and Mr. Universe, Mr. International and Mr. Olympia title holder has been married since 1986, is the father of four children and is reported to be a genuinely devoted family man.