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January 3, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil revoked an interview invitation to conservative activist Candace Owens this week over the latter’s commentary on transgenderism, sparking a social media argument over whether insisting on biological reality constitutes “bullying.”

On December 30, Owens announced that she would not be appearing on Jamil’s podcast, sharing a screenshot of a message notifying her that “we have a trans people (sic) working with us,” and “nothing is worth my friends and co-workers feeling unsafe”:

Jamil apparently decided to disinvite Owens based on one of the latter’s tweets from the day before, in which Owens corrected media headlines about a “transgender man” (i.e., a biological woman) giving birth. Jamil accused Owens of “bullying” the couple in the tweet, a claim Owens rejected:

Over the next few days, Jamil doubled down on the “bullying” charge, accusing Owens of trying to incite hatred against gender-confused individuals:

In fact, to the extent that any “bullying” occurs in the transgender debate, it appears to overwhelmingly push in the opposite direction. In just the last year, criticism of “gender-fluid” ideology and failure to use transgender pronouns have been met with disciplinary action at public universities, lawsuits from disgruntled employees, public outbursts framed respectfully by a sympathetic media, and censorship from social media platforms.

“Pretending all trans people are too sensitive to come to terms with biological limitations is not, in fact, allying oneself with their cause,” Owens said of the controversy. “It’s treating people like toddlers who can’t function without the promise of make-believe.”