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TORONTO, August 31, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – A TV ad blitz promoting the Liberal government’s controversial sex education agenda has drawn the fire of sex-ed opponents, who say Premier Kathleen Wynne is once again using taxpayer money to push a radical agenda that parents don’t want.

“This has to be the most unscrupulous, most unethical government in the history of Ontario,” says Jack Fonseca, project manager with Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). “Instead of respecting parents, Wynne uses their own money against them, to try drowning out their concerns.”

Ontario Ministry of Education spokesman Gary Wheeler had not responded by deadline to LifeSiteNews’ question as to how much money the Liberal government is spending on the 30-second television spots, which according to a CTV report, will be released province-wide today “to coincide with the start of the school year.”

The TV ad’s vignettes include a boy looking at a wedding cake topped with a statuette of a homosexual couple, a teenage girl who appears about to take a semi-nude selfie, and a boy being cyber-bullied – all situations teens find confusing, the CTV report notes.

The Liberals have already poured $1.8 million into a summer radio ad campaign promoting the sex-ed curriculum, which critics also denounced as “whitewashing” a sex-ed agenda that has been increasingly opposed by parents, and which American psychiatrist Miriam Grossman says is not based on science but fueled by ideology.

Wynne and Minister of Education Liz Sandals “are wasting our hard-earned money on the promotion of wrong things,” says Khalid Mahmood, president of Thorncliffe Parents Association (TPA), which is based in Wynne’s Don Valley West riding.

Mahmood told LifeSiteNews in an e-mail that TPA agrees that an update to the Health and Physical Education curriculum “was necessary and would be fantastic if it would have been designed with a…sense of responsibility and good intentions.”

But the Liberal sex-ed curriculum, Mahmood said, does not teach “responsibility, nor about any harm of early sex.”

Instead, among its flaws, the curriculum “encourages dating in Grade 4,” introduces masturbation in Grade 6, and “gender fluidity at age nine, when children are not able to make decisions even about their food or clothing.”

And “different polls by many TV channels have already proven” that the curriculum “was refused by 70 percent of parents,” Mahmood stated.

Wynne's Liberal government is rolling out the sex-ed curriculum in the province’s publicly funded schools in September, despite growing parental opposition that began immediately after the curriculum was released in February.

Opponents have since rallied, protested, sent an 185,000-name petition to repeal the curriculum to Queen’s Park with Tory MPP Monte McNaughton, and staged week-long “strike” in May in which nearly 35,000 students were pulled from school.

Within three months, they formed the Canadian Families Alliance (CFA), a grassroots coalition that represents over 25 associations and social media groups and an estimated 200,000 Ontarians.

And CLC is now coordinating province-wide rallies at all MPPs offices this Wednesday, and Fonseca pointed to a CFA video on the event, which he says could be used to counteract the “mind-moulding effects” of this new Liberal TV blitz.

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“Obviously, the Wynne Liberals are worried about the growing parental uprising,” Fonseca observed, “so they’re trying once again to lull parents back to sleep by using their own tax dollars against them.”

“And it’s only going to make parents more angry,” he predicted.

The Liberal TV campaign “is a desperate attack by Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals to save face,” says Tory MPP McNaughton, noting that Wynne’s unpopularity is affecting federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s election campaign.

“Without a doubt there’s a backlash growing among parents in Ontario towards this sex-education curriculum,” he told LifeSiteNews.

Lou Iacobelli, CFA spokesman, sees it as “a shame and a terrible waste of money to pay for ads to convince Ontarians of the false need for a radical sex curriculum.”

A former teacher and chair of the Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund, Iacobelli advised parents to keep their kids away from the sex-ed curriculum, which he says “has little to do with education but much to do with indoctrination.”

And Gwen Landolt, national vice chair of REAL Women of Canada, finds it “truly offensive” that Wynne “would use taxpayers money to promote her personal agenda, and it is her personal agenda, she and her little bubble of experts.”

Fonseca questioned the timing of the Liberal TV ad campaign. “I suspect it was hatched in response to the September 2nd protests,” he told LifeSiteNews. “Quite likely, the regime is worried that parental outrage is not dying off, but growing.

He pointed out that opponents to the sex-ed curriculum “still have time to join the biggest protest in Ontario’s history…Let’s show the Wynne regime it indeed has something to be worried about.”

TPA’s Mahmood emphasized that parents won’t be taken in by the Liberals’ media blitz.

“We will keep our struggle on and will not sit back,” he told LifeSiteNews. “We will not be sending our children to public school system until the curriculum is taken back.”

Those interested in information or to sign up for the Wednesday mini-rallies at MPPs office can go here.

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