WASHINGTON, May 23, 2003 ( – The Rev. D. L. Foster, pastor of Restoration Sanctuary International Church in Atlanta, today exploded the myth that homosexuality is an immutable characteristic like race – as many homosexual activists claim. Rev. Foster is an ex-homosexual (having been a homosexual for 11 years) and is also African-American.  His comments were made on today’s airing of Concerned Women Today, Concerned Women for America’s daily radio program which is heard in over 70 markets nationwide.  Rev. Foster’s told Concerned Women Today that there are no “ex-blacks”.  He said: “The argument of the gay community has been that our sexual orientation is unchangeable. Therefore what we do is just a part of our existence, just like a person’s skin color or our gender. The comparison is simply apples and oranges: I like something that Alveda King once said, ‘I’ve never met an ex-black person, but I’ve met plenty ex-homosexuals.’”  Rev. Foster spoke of homosexuality as an “assumed identity”.  He noted: “I’m just as black as the day I was born, but I’m no longer homosexual.  You can’t deny that.  You can look at me and immediately ascertain that I’m an African-American. However you can’t look at me and make the same judgment that I’m homosexual.  Because those characteristics are two different things; one is an assumed identity, one is a born identity.”  The pastor noted that when he described himself as a former homosexual people react with shock.  “We are almost invisible.  You’d be surprised, when I say I’m a former homosexual, people’s eyes get big, as if I said ‘I’m a man from Mars.’”  He also clarified that the person suffering from homosexual inclinations is to be loved but homosexual sex acts are immoral. “You’re not what you do.  God really does love the person, the homosexual. But God does not love sin, and homosexuality is sin.”