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September 21, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) — As the United Nations prepares to officially adopt the controversial post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, 48 African bishops and ten cardinals have released a letter demanding that western powers stop pushing their “filthy campaigns that promote a civilization of death on our continent” under the guise of humanitarian aid.

“It can no longer be denied that under the euphemism of ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights,’ such programs are plainly imposed as a condition for development assistance,” the letter titled Common Declaration of the Bishops of Africa and Madagascar states. The letter was written in June but released for publication this month in view of the New York Summit this weekend for the adoption of the “post-2015 global development agenda.”

“These political and economic pressures have but one objective: the drastic control and reduction of the African population, the planned destruction of marriage and the family.”

The African prelates state how they are “all wounded in the depths of our hearts as Pastors” by witnessing the constant sexually ideological bombardment from Western powers against “life, the family, all that is sacred, the healthy human development of our youth who are the future of Africa, the full blossoming of women and respect for our elderly – realities of which our African cultures have such a keen sense.”

“These political and economic pressures have but one objective: the drastic control and reduction of the African population, the planned destruction of marriage and the family.”

“We Africans must categorically say ‘No’ to this plan, which is killing our continent. Pope Francis exhorts us to ‘be on guard against colonization by new ideologies. There are forms of ideological colonization which are out to destroy the family,” the letter states.

The prelates say that the time has come for Africa to reject the Western “masters” and their “ideological objectives.”

“We, African Pastors, do not want Africans to be reduced to ‘servile partners.’ This is a new type of slavery! We want the dignity of our people to be respected.”

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The prelates take special issue with various treaties — such as the Maputo Protocol, Addis-Ababa Declaration on Population and Development in Africa beyond 2014, and the about-to-be-adopted Sustainable Development Goals — that they say only destroy the African family unit through their promotion of contraception, abortion, and sex-ed bereft of morals.

“These documents, even though they appear, in their external presentation and formulation, to procure elements of well-being and prosperity for all, are in reality real programs of destruction of the poor and humanity’s values, and not of a development that would respect the dignity and sacredness of the human person and the well-being of the family, when they integrate, often in hidden ways, the agenda of the western sexual revolution.”

“The billions of dollars allotted to the production and distribution of condoms and contraceptives and to the establishment of sex-education programs that do not respect universal moral norms are a scandal that cries to heaven for vengeance, a new slavery at the service of the idol ‘money.’ The objective that is clearly being pursued is, inter alia, the efficient control of demographic growth in Africa, according to the western ‘model,’ which has become a zero growth model in Europe today,” the letter states.

The prelates beg all Africans, including heads of states and governments, to make a strong stand for the good of their continent.

“Wake up your conscience! Remember that every human person will have to render an account of their actions before God.”

“Our wishes, our desire, our prayer, our pastoral labors are that in this era of globalization, Africa will today offer humanity its unique and irreplaceable contribution, according to the gifts she has received from God and are properly hers,” the letter concludes.