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Haider and Ayshia Zaman are rejoicing at the safe arrival of their healthy baby boy – after losing thirteen others to miscarriage over the past 18 years.

Baby Awais Haider Zaman was born July 10 at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham, England.  He owes his tiny life to the staff at the hospital’s recurrent miscarriage clinic, where Professor Siobhan Quenby, a researcher studying the potential benefit of steroids for women who have trouble carrying their infants to term, gave Ayshia an experimental treatment to stop her body from rejecting the baby.

The Zamans told the Birmingham Mail that Quenby diagnosed Ayshia with a condition that causes “sticky” blood cells, causing blood clots and preventing adequate blood flow to the baby. Quenby and her team solved the problem by giving Ayshia a regimen of drugs including prednisolone (a steroid), progesterone, and injections of clexane (an anti-coagulant), all of which helped to keep the blood flowing to her womb.

“There are no words to express the feelings going through my mind. It was a dream come true,” Ayshia told the Birmingham Mail of the day she delivered her son. “I went through the pregnancy spending every day just hoping my dream wouldn’t be shattered.”

“It was one of the hardest nine months of my life, as always at the back of my mind was the thought, what if it went wrong again? And if I did that I would feel like a failure,” Ayshia said.  “Every scan appointment was daunting.”

But now that Awais is here in her arms, safe and sound, the 33-year-old mother says she’s thankful to God for her miracle baby.

“After years of waiting, my dream has finally come true, and in the month of Ramadan, which makes it an extra special birth date. I feel like all my Eids have come at once,” Ayshia, a Muslim, told the Birmingham Mail.

She encouraged women facing the heartbreak of recurrent miscarriage not to abandon hope, and thanked the staff of Heartland Hospital for their compassion and ingenuity.

“[W]ords can’t explain how I felt when I had the baby,” Ayshia said. “It’s still not sunk in that I have a baby. I would say to anyone in similar circumstances to never give up hope and that dreams can come true.”

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