After Archdiocese of Detroit threatens, “RealCatholic TV” becomes ChurchMilitant.TV

Drop the word “Catholic,” the archdiocese warned Michael Voris of “The Vortex.”
Mon Jun 18, 2012 - 7:47 pm EST

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, June 18, 2012, ( – Real Catholic TV will change its name to ChurchMilitant.TV after the Archdiocese of Detroit asked the faithful programmers to stop describing itself as Catholic.

The network hosts the popular program “The Vortex” with Michael Voris. Although the archdiocese has not taken similar action against liberal or dissenting institutions, Voris said the church contacted him and refused to meet to discuss the matter.

Michael Voris in his May 24, 2018 episode of 'Vortex.' SOURCE: Michael Voris / The Vortex screen grab

Instead, the archdiocese issued a press release last December that the host and his network are not “authorized to use the word ‘Catholic’ to identify or promote their public activities.”

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This sparked a territorial dispute, since the website’s owner, Marc Brammer, lives in South Bend, Indiana, putting him under the authority of Bishop Kevin Rhoades. However, Voris produces his program in the greater Detroit area. 

Voris said the organization chose the new name after Pope Benedict XVI said the Church Militant – that is, the body of saints on earth – must “enter into battle with evil.”

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