After criticism, Vatican publishes English translation of final Synod document

'It’s good to see that the translations have finally appeared, though the mystery over their delay remains,' says Vatican journalist Edward Pentin.
Thu Oct 30, 2014 - 1:22 pm EST
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Nearly two weeks after the publication of the final document of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Italian, the English translation has finally been released.  Catholics concerned with the Synod were vexed at the delay and pointed out that the controversial mid-term report -- which suggested a revolutionary openness to homosexuality -- was offered to the media in five languages on the day of its publication even though the documents are of similar length.

Voice of the Family (VOTF), the main lay association representing concerns from life and family groups at the Synod, said that while they were relieved that the official English translation was published today, they were exasperated with Synod organizers. “Almost two weeks have passed since the end of the Synod, with no translations of the Final Report until this afternoon,” said Maria Madise, coordinator for VOTF. “This contrasts markedly – and suspiciously – with the immediate translation of the Synod’s scandalous mid-way report, into five languages.”

Today’s publication comes on the heels of a story on the missing translations by Vatican reporter Ed Pentin, who was himself the centre of one of the most sensational stories coming out of the Synod.  

In a report published early today in the National Catholic Register just prior to the release of the English translation, Pentin called Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi to ask about the delayed translation. Lombardi noted that the secretariat of the Synod of Bishops was been responsible for both reports and the translations.

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Pentin spoke with an assistant to the synod's general secretary Saturday who could not give Pentin the date the translations would be published or the reasons for the delay.

"It’s good to see that the translations have finally appeared, though the mystery over their delay remains,” Pentin told LifeSiteNews today.   “Many are asking why the secretariat of the Synod of Bishops took so long when it was able to send out the controversial interim report in various languages so quickly, and in the middle of the synod. It may simply have been caution, but no reason has been given so far.”

Pentin is the reporter who interviewed Cardinal Kasper when Kasper dismissed the views of African bishops on homosexuality.  After Kasper denied that he had spoken at all about the African bishops, Pentin released the audio proving his account accurate. 

After apologizing if he offended the Africans, Kasper lashed out at Pentin in the German media, threatening that “other journalists” would deal with the “unworthy machinations.”

Despite Cardinal Kasper’s fury, Pentin has a reputation as a top-notch Vatican journalist among the Vatican’s own media professionals. Fr. Lombardi himself has said of Pentin, “I value the seriousness and balance of Edward Pentin’s work and his commitment to verifying information.” Sean-Patrick Lovett, director of Vatican Radio’s English programs, has also previously praised Pentin saying, “Edward is a talented, insightful professional whom I continue to rely on for inspiration and advice in the minefield of Church communications.”

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