WASHINGTON, D.C., May 17, 2013 ( – Senator Mike Lee, R-UT, has introduced a Senate resolution demanding a review of public policies that he believes led to the illegal abortion practices of Kermit Gosnell and others.

The resolution states: “Congress and States should gather information about and correct abusive, unsanitary, and illegal abortion practices and the interstate referral of women and girls to facilities engaged in dangerous or illegal second- and third-trimester procedures.”

“Congress has the responsibility to investigate and conduct hearings on abortions performed near, at, or after viability in the United States…and evaluate the extent to which such abortions involve violations of the natural right to life of infants who are born alive, or are capable of being born alive, and therefore are entitled to equal protection under the law.”

Senator Lee, along with his colleague and cosponsor Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX, took to the floor of the Senate Thursday in support of the resolution.

“The shocking details of the Gosnell case have, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to cover it up, become national news,” Lee told his colleagues. “The abortion industry has spun into action, trying to isolate and condemn Gosnell as an aberration. Planned Parenthood cited Gosnell’s ‘appalling crimes.’ NARAL called him a ‘butcher.’”

“On this very floor last week,” Lee said, “Gosnell’s actions were decried by pro-choice Senators as ‘reprehensible’ and ‘an outrage…a violation of everything we hold dear.’ But Kermit Gosnell has only been sentenced to life in prison and condemned as a monster for doing things for which – had he done them a few seconds earlier…or a few centimeters in one direction – those same voices might have hailed him as a hero.”
“Remember, President Obama himself, while serving in the state legislature, voted against legislation that would have protected the civil and constitutional rights of infants born-alive in Illinois,” Sen. Lee added.

Lee said that up until now, lax abortion laws in the U.S. have enabled people like Gosnell to harm women and murder babies without fear of reprisal.


“The facts of the Gosnell case are disturbing and heartbreaking,” said Senator Lee. “It should be a wake-up call to all Americans. The lack of oversight at abortion facilities puts women’s lives at risk and leads to the kind of unconscionable practices we have seen recently. The Senate should formally recognize that this is a problem in our country and we have a responsibility to investigate the causes, review the effects of certain public policies, and determine what we can do to prevent any woman from being subjected to these reprehensible practices again.”

Senator Cruz also called on the senate to take action on late-term abortion.

“Knowing what we know now about what happened, everyone in this body should be supporting an investigation to make sure there are not other Kermit Gosnells across this country. We need to make sure it is not happening to other unsuspecting mothers, that other newborn babies are not being murdered as they were in Dr. Gosnell’s clinic.”

Cruz told his fellow Senators that as long as the U.S. taxpayers are funding abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, lawmakers must make sure those providers are held to the strictest standards.

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“Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, in 2011 performed 333,964 abortions in the U.S.,” Cruz said. “Almost half of its income comes from the taxpayer, and this body has an obligation to make sure there are not other Gosnell houses of horror practicing today.”

Said Cruz, “Everyone who proclaims to be a champion for women and children should enthusiastically support this resolution.”

The resolution is cosponsored by Sens. Toomey (R-PA), Rubio (R-FL), Cruz (R-TX), Inhofe (R-OK), Scott (R-SC), Blunt (R-MO), Burr (R-NC), Vitter (R-LA), Johanns (R-NE), Fischer (R-NE), Thune (R-SD), and Boozman (R-AR).   

Both Lee and Cruz are favorites among Tea Party activists.