PENSACOLA, Florida, August 23, 2011 ( – A Pensacola abortion clinic has been suddenly repossessed by the local sheriff after operators reportedly failed to pay their mortgage.

Local pro-life advocates told that a sign was posted on the door of AMS of Pensacola, one of two abortion sites in the city, ordering immediate evacuation of the building under penalty of criminal charges. The notice showed a date of August 15, a date that is important to Catholics as the feast of the Assumption of Mary.

“Pro-lifers have been praying the rosary, offering assistance to women entering the clinic, and witnessing for life at this abortion clinic for about 10 years,” said local pro-life witness Bob Brady.

Brady said the notice indicated that the property had been handed over to plaintiff Dione Pro, Inc., who local reports say filed an eviction notice against the abortion business last month.

Locals were surprised at the suddenness of the mysterious shutdown, and some abortion advocates complained at the squeeze on local abortion business.

“Well, I have no idea why they shut down … I just think it’s a travesty when providers shut down and there are fewer, there’s limited access to healthcare for women,” Susan Watson, Northwest Florida Director of the ACLU, told ABC affiliate WEAR-TV.

The attorney’s office named in the notice, Moore Hill & Westmorland PA Attorney, told LSN that the attorney handling the case would not be available to give comment until later in the week.