After ‘Wedding’, Britney Spears Makes Altar Call in California Church

INGLEWOOD, February 10, 2004 ( - The latest installment of the Britney Spears self-promotion saga involves a religious “experience” at a Christian church. Immediately following her 55 hour “marriage”, Spears has followed with another mockery of Christianity. Spears and her mother, attended a service at the Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, California at which they made an “altar call”.

The altar call is a common practice in some Protestant congregational churches where, after a sermon, a person is called upon to make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. The British newspaper the Daily Record reports that Spears and her mother were “moved” at the sermon and came forward hand in hand to make a public profession of Christian faith. Onlookers described the service as very emotional.

It remains to be seen if the pop singer’s “experience” amounts to a conversion or if it is another crass publicity stunt or the workings of a deeply confused mind.  A similar incident with actress Jane Fonda which took place a few years ago has not resulted in the actress altering her strident pro-abortion stand.

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