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(LifeSiteNews) – Air Canada announced Wednesday that it will become the first airline in the country to offer a controversial facial recognition technology that has been blasted by some Conservative MPs as an attempt to monitor a person’s every movement, as a form of digital identification for its customers.

Air Canada said its new “digital identification” program will make it the “first airline in Canada with approval to offer customers the safety and convenience of a new option using facial recognition technology to confirm identification,” according to a press release.

The airline, which is Canada’s largest and receives funding from the federal government, says its pilot project is underway for its customers departing from “Vancouver International Airport (YVR) when boarding select flights to Winnipeg.

The pilot project is also open to customers entering the “Air Canada Café at Toronto Pearson International Airport.”

The Canadian federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been open to the idea of travelers using a type of biometric digital ID to prove their identity.

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Boycott United Airlines until they permanently drop their unlawful Covid jab mandate
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United Airlines acted despicably when they forced unvaccinated staff out of their jobs, laying-off those who objected to taking the experimental jab on religious grounds. 

It's time all of us stood up for these brave conscientious objectors who refused to budge.

SIGN: I am boycotting United Airlines until they permanently drop their COVID shot mandate.

Thousands of employees refused to take the shot and United placed them on an “UNPAID LEAVE of ABSENCE,” a new term for "fired".

The airline later invited the staff back amid the ensuing chaos of crew shortages, but the COVID policy remains in place, hanging over the unvaccinated as a daily threat if authorities call for more restrictions. 

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby even mocked the unvaccinated of the company at the time, saying they “…suddenly becoming religious” and openly threatened them that were putting their "job on the line.”  

The unvaccinated were not allowed to work, the airline would not pay them, and they were denied all benefits of United employees, including travel privileges, access to health savings, health benefits, and (in the name of health safety) they denied Medical Insurance Coverage during the Covid-19 medical emergency.


30 unvaccinated, religious staff are now bravely taking a landmark court case against their former employer. 

They contend that United Airlines went further than any other airline in mandating the shot for all staff, and then illegaly placed many of the religious staff on unpaid leave for their refusal to comply. 

The medical products being forced on staff were developed and produced using aborted human fetus cells, thus violating the consciences of many believers concerned with the sanctity of life. 

Join the Boycott: I support the 30 unvaccinated staff in their pursuit of justice.

Even after United Airlines had been informed by several plaintiffs that the Covid-19 vaccines were not working as advertised in August 2021, the airline created an ultimatum for its 67,000+ employees.  Get the shot, or lose your job. 

With staffs' religious liberty trampled upon, United used every trick in the book to make their position untenable.  

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit even report monetary incentives and extra holidays being offered to break Federal Aviation regulations barring pilots and crew from taking experimental medicines, as well as condemnation, shaming, and accusations the vaccine was failing due to their non-compliance, and that they were killing people.

These heavy-handed tactics were intended to cause the unvaccinated to bend to the airline's will.

But the affected staff say they "kneel only to God in Heaven, the maker of Heaven and Earth."

We must all seek justice against the illegal, indecent, and treacherous actions that United exacted against its own staff.

Please share this petition with as many people as possible - help us fight this battle so that future generations of Christians won’t have to fear this type of treatment by their employers.


United Airlines employees file lawsuit over tyrannical, government-backed COVID jab mandate

Legal Fund:

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Last year, LifeSiteNews reported that the Trudeau government was working with top airlines and hoping to mandate all travelers use a form of “digital identity documents” complete with facial recognition biometric data for pre-boarding flights.

Canada has already been using facial recognition technology in its airports since at least 2016.

It was shown that in 2021 the Trudeau Liberals secretly scanned millions of travelers’ faces without their consent at Toronto Pearson International Airport in 2016.

As for Air Canada, it says it plans to expand its new digital ID pilot project to more Canadian airports and its Maple Leaf lounges.

Craig Landry, executive vice president and chief operations officer for Air Canada, said that the airline is “very excited to now take a leadership position in Canada and test digital identification using facial recognition technology to validate customer identification quickly.”

The airline says that participation in the program is “voluntary.” However, according to Landry, “Our government and Canadian airlines and airports are eager to move forward with innovative solutions and technologies to modernize the traveler journey in airports across the country.”

Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra said that the pilot project has “great potential in making gate boarding easier and faster for Canadian passengers while maintaining strong safety measures.”

The airline says “biometric data is encrypted and stored only on the customer’s mobile phone.”

Conservative MP has been warning for over a year about Canada’s involvement in digital ID travel programs

Air Canada has been part of a world traveler digital ID pilot project for some time.

Last year, through an Inquiry of Ministry, Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Leslyn Lewis demanded information from the Trudeau government and Alghabra over its participation in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Known Traveler Digital Identity (KTDI)” pilot program.

Lewis has been sounding the alarm over the Canadian government’s involvement with the WEF’s KTDI program. She has also blasted Trudeau’s connections to the WEF.

Air Canada, Royal Dutch Airlines, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and the Netherlands Schiphol airport are “pilot partners” of the program.

According to the Inquiry of Ministry, which was signed by Alghabra and dated June 14, 2022, the program started in 2018.

Alghabra indicated the program is a “pilot” that has not yet been implemented but would be “voluntary.”

The document shows that Transport Canada has spent “$428,671 on salaries and $220,830 on non-salaries.”

“Budget 2021 proposed $105.3 million over five years, starting in 2021-22, with $28.7 million in remaining amortization and $10.2 million per year ongoing to Transport Canada to collaborate with international partners to further advance the KTDI pilot project,” the document reads.

Through this action, it was reported that the Trudeau government has a $105.3 million contract with the WEF to create a digital ID system for travel.