MONTGOMERY, AL, March 7, 2014 ( – On Tuesday, the Alabama House of Representatives continued its work to enact pro-life legislation by passing four bills that protect life.

Respectively, the bills: (1) ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected; (2) require women who want to abort over “lethal fetal anomalies” to know the “availability of perinatal hospice services”; (3) extend abortion waiting periods from 24 hours to 48 hours; (4) and require a birth certificate to be shown for anyone claiming to give parental consent for an abortion. 

In a public statement, House Speaker Mike Hubbard said he was “proud to lead the House at a time when we have enacted more pro-life protections than at any other period in Alabama history.” He also said, “Republicans in the Alabama House believe that life begins at conception and that a heartbeat is evidence of a viable life that deserves to be defended.”


Hubbard told LifeSiteNews he expects the bills to make it through the Senate as well. “Since our colleagues in the Senate share in the House’s pro-life beliefs we are hopeful that they will pass this important legislation,” he said.

Alabama is one of the most pro-life states in the nation. Last year, the governor signed a law that would require admitting privileges for all doctors who commit abortions, but a temporary restraining order blocked the law from taking effect until at least March 24 of this year.