Alabama moves to shut down unlicensed abortion facility

State officials concluded the office is providing abortions by a doctor with a history of injuring women.
Wed Mar 27, 2013 - 11:30 am EST

BIRMINGHAM, AL, March 27, 2013 ( – The state of Alabama is taking steps to see that an abortion facility it has told to close finally stops offering abortions once and for all.

Birmingham's New Woman All Women Health Care facility, owned by Diane Derzis, had its license revoked last March. The Alabama Department of Public Health made the announcement last year, on Good Friday.


Leaders in the state's pro-life movement told weeks ago the facility was continuing to perform abortions without a license but asked that we withhold news until the state was ready to take action.

ADPH officials launched an investigation in February and concluded the office is providing abortions by Dr. Bruce Norman.

The state has filed a civil complaint in Jefferson County Circuit Court to close the business, naming Norman, Dipat LLC, Diane W. Derzis, Patrick H. Smith and All Women's Inc., according to local media.

Norman and Derzis had a troubling history in the abortion industry.

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Last January, two victims of botched abortions performed by Dr. Norman were hand-carried to an ambulance’s gurney, because the facility is not accessible for emergency care workers. The ambulance had been turned away an hour earlier, then returned to the scene.

The state also accuses Norman of falsifying his patients' charts, marking that these women walked out of the facility “with no distress.”

In all, the facility's violations of code filled a 76-page report.

The Birmingham facility was to be shut down last year, but Derzis attempted to keep it open by having a close associate, Kelly Rainwater, named titular head of a “new” business. The state ordered that Derzis could have no involvement in the business, and that the building had to be brought up to code, which that state says did not occur.

ADPH says Dr. Norman also injured a woman in Jackson, Mississippi, at the state's last remaining abortion clinic, which is also owned by Derzis. An abortion patient ended up in intensive care following his administration of the drug Pitocin.

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