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EDMONTON, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) – The Canadian province of Alberta is expected to remove a COVID jab mandate for health care workers in two weeks’ time, but not for staff hired this year.

According to a Global News report from yesterday, draft documents obtained from Alberta Health Minister Jason Copping’s office show that effective March 15, “Alberta Health Services shall rescind its current Immunization Or Testing For COVID-19 Policy.”

The document seen by Global News states, however, that all Alberta Health Services (AHS) employees hired after November 30, 2021, must be “fully immunized against COVID-19.”

AHS added that it might introduce a temporary testing “of workers for COVID-19 as required.”

According to the draft documents, Copping could require, if he so asks, the exact terms and conditions that are necessary to go forth with a new policy for AHS workers.

At a press conference Tuesday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney hinted that the draft document seen by Global News could soon become reality.

“We need to address the workforce challenges that we are facing, particularly in nursing homes and some rural hospitals in under-vaccinated areas given there is no longer a compelling policy rationale for proof of vaccination programs,” said Kenney.

Last year, AHS mandated that all its workers be “fully vaccinated” with the COVID shots by November 30, with the order taking effect on December 13. The mandate impacted thousands of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers, including those contracted.

A large group of Alberta healthcare workers spoke out against the COVID jab mandate.

Alberta physician Dr. Chris Gordillo was one of the doctors to speak out. Last year at a rally in Edmonton, he said he saw “many people injured by vaccines,” and that COVID jab mandates are a form of “tyranny.”

Another Canadian doctor, Daniel Nagase, was one of the first in Alberta to openly speak of the benefits of treating COVID with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and a regimen of Vitamins C and D.

His testimony of how he treated three people in a rural Alberta hospital with the taboo drugs went viral. Despite the fact all three of his patients made a swift recovery, Nagase nonetheless was banned from practicing medicine in Alberta hospitals.

The Alberta group Health Professionals United, of which Gordillo is a part, includes 200 doctors and more than 1,000 nurses. The group was formed last fall to fight government COVID-19 injection mandates, and also to raise the alarm over adverse injection reactions witnessed firsthand.

Alberta’s neighboring province of British Columbia is taking the opposite route, and recently announced its COVID jab mandate now includes all healthcare workers. As a result, many vaccine-free healthcare staff who were placed on leave have been fired.

Kenney announced yesterday that masks are no longer required in Alberta, after earlier removing the province’s vaccine passport on February 8.

Alberta’s Health Minister Jason Copping attributed the removal of COVID rules to “vaccination uptake in the province.”

This is despite the fact most of the people in provincial hospitals with COVID are those who have been jabbed.

Despite the mandates being lifted, Christian pastor Artur Pawlowski is still behind bars after being denied bail.

Kenney has said that he would amend the law so that cities would not be able to create vaccine passports or impose mask mandates. It remains to be seen what he will do with Alberta’s capital city of Edmonton, which says it will keep a mask mandate in place via a by-law.

Despite Alberta and Saskatchewan now being mostly free of COVID rules, skepticism remains, no doubt due to many having lost their jobs for refusing to take the COVID jabs.

COVID restrictions evolved from March 2020’s “stay at home” orders and the shutting down of businesses, churches, and restaurants to eight-hour-a-day mask mandates for toddlers in daycare, forced vaccinations to remain employed or receive lifesaving kidney transplants, and segregation based on mRNA jab status.