EDMONTON, November 5, 2001 ( – Alberta’s standing policy committee on health is looking at deinsuring various procedures in order to save health care dollars for the more serious health concerns. The Edmonton Journal reports today that several of the province’s MLAs are considering defunding abortion. Alberta cabinet ministers Lorne Taylor and Victor Doerksen, are among the MLAs who strongly disapprove of the current spending of $5 million a year on abortions.

Even MLAs supportive of abortion are against funding. The paper quotes Edmonton-Rutherford MLA Ian McClelland saying, “I think abortion should be available, but I don’t think it should be paid for out of the public purse. I mean we don’t pay for braces on a kid’s teeth, but we pay for abortions. That doesn’t make sense.”

The measure is being backed by the Committee to End Tax-Funded Abortions. Alberta Report magazine has reported that defunding of abortion has the support of roughly 50 per cent of doctors, about 67 per cent of Albertans and likely a majority of MLAs. (The Edmonton Journal Mon 05 Nov 2001)

(with files from Pro-Life E-News)